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Same as the last, only this time from [ profile] diatryma:

Greek things
I've been really interested in Greek mythology ever since I was a very little girl. I always felt very close to Athena, especially, and I've also always had an attachment to Persephone (even though I've never really been able to put my finger quite on why...but I think I may have recently figured it out), and I just always searched more stories out. When I was younger and identified as Christian I just couldn't accept that the people who had once followed the Olympians (and by association any other non-"God" religion) were actually wrong. Even when I was eight I knew that other religions had been around earlier, and it blew my mind that people could see them as "wrong." Luckily, I grew up with fairly agnostic parents who were not opposed to me learning about other religious beliefs. In the way that life works out, I ended up discovering neo-paganism, and eventually (after much trial and error, I guess you could say) realized that the Olympians were the god/desses I belonged to. I think I originally believed that I couldn't belong to them because of my ethnic backgrounds, and so I tried to find something closer to my bloodlines (plus, the majority of the neo-pagan/Wiccan stuff is heavily focused on the Celts so it's hard to find other info). After I got into archaeology I started focusing on classical archaeology, with a personal focus on classical Greece--I started learning about their cult practices and their daily practices and ohhhhhh their festivals!

There's a story involving one of my favorite plays that helped lead me to that moment where the Olympians figuratively beat me over the head and told me I belonged to them, and I realized that I would finally be able to stop searching because I had found my place. I also tried for a long time to think that Athena was not actually my patron, probably because it was another "but She's so popular and so many people claim Her as their patron that I would be just another silly girl to hope that She could possibly think I was special." She had to appear to me in a dream (as a very large owl) to convince me that I was, in fact, one of Hers. I still sometimes don't see how I deserve Her, but She always finds a way to remind me that I am deserving of Her gifts and that I am still Hers. So...long answer, and really still not all of it, but...a fair explanation.

Business of restaurants
More the business of hospitality, I think. I just enjoy the restaurant aspect more than, say, the hotel aspect because I love sharing the experience of food and drink with others, and helping them to celebrate special times in their lives, or supporting them during difficult times. You touch more people more often in restaurants. Also, restaurants are more direct interaction with the people you are giving to. Many career hospitality people will tell you it's a calling of sorts. It really is. It's not that I want to serve, it's that I want to share.

The Absurdists, though you are the only one I've kept even loosely
I still actually keep in touch with a fair number of them. Most of them are on my LJ and/or Facebook, and I last saw Lissa a few years ago when we went to see POTO together--her and I were very very close online, though, and even though we don't talk often I consider her as part of my core group of close friends (ditto Alley--and yes I still call her Alley, though I've finally grown accustomed to occasionally using I really love how we all met. We were all interested in one thing, it brought us together in such a unique way, and now we've all grown up and we're all so different and yet so much the same, and I don't think that a single one of us is still really involved in the things that brought us together. I also like knowing deep down that it's almost ten years down the road and I still know that we could all get together again and it would be like not a day went by since our FAnAFAS meetup in Naperville, and that it will probably always be that way. We were exceptionally lucky to be a part of that, and all of you will always be a part of me and who I am and where I've come from.

High school, because that is where I was then
I don't like talking about high school. I try to forget it ever happened, really--though that is where most of us were then. Mainly, I did a lot of theatre in high school, and I spent a lot of time online. That's the only part of it that matters.

Things of beauty
There is so much beauty around us every day. I try really hard to always find it in the smallest things, even when in my head it seems like there can be nothing beautiful. I am exceptionally lucky to have found the love I've found in this world--and not just the love of Dan. I have such unbelievable amounts of love from friends and family, and that is the most beautiful thing in the world. I know that I am loved unconditionally by so many people, and I love them the same way. I miss theatre and ballet because there was such beauty in the art and creation of it. I would love to go on and on about this one, but my eyes are starting to droop, so I think it's bedtime.

...I liked those. They made me think :-)

Date: 2009-02-21 05:45 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Secondhand story: on Making Light, we were talking about... burns? Lightning strikes? Something of that sort. I think it was a medical post, anyway, and there have been many of them. They all turn into war stories eventually.

One fellow told a tale of a fellow he knew, which makes this third- or fourthhand really. Man was poking at paganism, thinking about Thor as patron, sort of waffling. Man worked at a campsite with cabins and such, and they rented them out to the Scouts or to professional groups for retreats. This time, there was a professional convention. There was a storm, and the man went around to the cabins checking them, possibly checking Scouts in them, anyway, checking. And, while standing with both feet ankle-deep in water, man was struck by lightning.
The professional convention was of burn specialists.
As the fellow on Making Light said, that's either "fuck you" or "you're MINE."

I do not have that kind of experience, or if I have had one, it hasn't been enough to get through. I envy it, to some extent; it's a different way to tell the story of you. I don't have that way of storytelling.


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