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I haven't posted photos in forever, so I figured I should post some...

I absolutely love this photo of Molly:

Snow! )

Francois' )

Dan's birthday cake and Anna )

Photos of 'The Car'... )

New car and family )
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I'm sleepy. And hungry. And Anna has a new home now, that I just have to clean out and set up. That obviously won't be getting done tonight.

Hitting another down. I feel like a rollercoaster with how frequent the ups and downs have been happening lately :-P


May. 27th, 2005 05:40 pm
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Today was fun. Work went really well, and then the guy who owns the music store right around the corner from us was shooting a commercial for the store. One of their people didn't show up, so he asked Phil if I could go a bit early to help them shoot it. It was definitely amusing. So...if you see a commercial for Nelson Music around K'zoo...yes, that is It should be done within the next week or so, and then they're going to give me a copy, too.

I think I'm going to head out, deposit my paycheck (yay for having two doubles on this one!) and today's tips, and then go shopping for Anna's permanent home :-)
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Within the next week I will actually have a journal soon as I can decide what I want it to be themed.

I'm tired. I went back and started reading back through my first journal a bit.

*yawns* I'm going to clean up my dinner mess now and maybe play with Anna.
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hmm...Apparently I need to do homework at some point before class tonight :-P

I would much rather continue reading Something Positive archives and upload more pictures of Anna Livia from the past monthish to post...if I can find my camera charger.

And could somebody bat me out of these mood swings? Please? Oh well...hopefully soon enough I'll be on a new health insurance plan and be able to go back on anti-depressants.

Edit: So I've found the charger, but now the USB cord to connect my camera to my computer has gone *poof*...

Bah :-P

May. 18th, 2005 10:43 pm
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I really need to learn how to catch crickets so I can pull their hopping legs off. I know Anna would eat more that way, but I'm awful at it! They're just too quick for both her and me :-P :-(

In other news, she's probably going to shed tomorrow. Her skin's gotten very chalky looking today :-) I took a cute picture of her at her mealworm bowl...I'll upload and post it sometime soon.

The Critical Thinking test went pretty well. I couldn't remember the second part of the Confirmation Bias, but I did get the extra credit, which was standardizing an argument with a subargument--we started that Monday and most of the class is lost. The teacher has this really bad habit of putting things like "three of these are explanations" on homework and "make sure you look at it carefully" on this test--it makes you second guess your answer, and suddenly you don't know what it's supposed to be :-P to finish cleaning the bedroom.
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hehehe...I managed to weasel my way into working a double on Thursday. Background: I generally work Thursday evenings. This week is one of the comedy shows, and I was scheduled to work the afternoon, for some odd reason. Kathy called me this morning and left me a message saying she screwed up when she made the schedule and can't serve because her and Phil (she's the general manager and Phil is the owner, but she serves and Phil bartends...which I have huge issues with because the servers and bartenders would love to take over the shifts they work) have to seat people, could I work the comedy show, I'd be first off after it was over and she guesses that she could work my afternoon shift instead. I called her back when I got the message and told her I'd be happy to work the comedy show. When she sounded relieved at that I told her, "I could still work my afternoon shift, too, unless you want to work it for me." She sounded really surprised at that and said, "Yeah...if you really don't mind."

I'm happy :-D Five shifts...yay! This will be a nearly 12-hour double. I haven't done one of those in a very long time, but the 10-hour shift I recently worked wasn't bad, so this shouldn't be too bad, either. I wish I could weasel my way into extra hours like this every week. Just as an aside for Andrea: I guess the comedians we have coming in this week and next week are guys that have done the Bob and Tom show. It should be interesting at the very least.

...and now I must go and return movies. Maybe I'll rent another as well. Tomorrow I need to buy Anna more mealworms, too. I've no more, she's nearly eaten all the ones I put out for her tonight, and she needs to eat more tomorrow, of course!

I'm rather tired, so I'm slightly loopy right now. I apologise for that.

For the record: I am indebted to whomever it was that mentioned watching the POTO DVD in French was far preferable to the English. Unfortunately they matched the voices for the Phantom and Christine far too well with Gerard and Emmy, but Carlotta and various others are much better. Even with the Phantom and Christine you're too distracted by the different language to care too much about the voices. I don't speak French, so I can't be distressed by things like awful Gerard vowels.
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Note to self: Check minutes before talking with Mom for two hours on the phone on the last day of monthly plan. Doing so could help avoid spending $61.98 for phone. I suck.

In other news, Anna Livia is becoming ridiculously spoiled. I adore her :-) I forgot to see if the pet store had waxworms, though :-( I wanted to give her a special treat when I bought her crickets today. She doesn't really eat the mealworms much, so I worry that she's not eating enough. I think I'm going to start her on a primarily cricket diet.

Walking down the stairs for class after break this evening made me suddenly realise I would never be walking down them again for an anthropology class. That was very depressing. Sitting through class tonight made me almost wish it were Chuck's Bio Anthro class, which was in the same room--that's how nostalgaic I was getting (most of you understand the loathing I had for that class).

Oh! Restaurant debacle!

For those of you who haven't really heard my descriptions of the restaurant I work at, we have 17 tables total (mostly four-tops, a few two-tops, a seven-top and two five-tops)--it's a very small restaurant/bar. On slow shifts we have one server and on busy shifts we have two. Generally the GM serves on Tuesday nights, but she's decided she should start doing more "behind the scenes" work over serving work so she put me on. Alone. With one bartender and one cook. Last night the Pistons were playing in a play-off game, AND the men's softball team decided to come in for drinks--and some of them for food. At LEAST twelve of the tables were packed, and it didn't let up for at least two hours. Every time I turned around I was bombarded with food and drink orders, or one table left and people sat in their place so I was forced to bus the table. It was really rather absurd, and I'm not sure how I got through it without collapsing. I'm really lucky I'm not one of those waitresses that will cry and throw my apron down as soon as something like this happens (luckily I have more self-control, and I would never leave that mess for someone else to deal with alone), because otherwise I would have been a wreck last night.

Tonight I made enchiladas and Spanish rice for dinner--so yummy. I'm really looking forward to going home now, because the smell after I cook something, leave, and then come back makes me really happy. It makes me feel like the place is lived in and happy. Hestia's been completely having her way with me since I moved in *grins*

Now I must be heading out. I wanted to try to find something before the computer lab closes.
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Mainly for [ profile] cdaae and [ profile] alleykitten, though any other Phantom elitists (and others, I suppose *grins*) are welcome to view, as well ;-)

Alley and I have already been talking. This may very well become the banner img:

How appropriate that the first real entry in this journal is so POTO related...

Anna Livia shed for her first time the other night. It was kinda scary. I've gotten her a warming lamp, and some more crickets. I found a great mealworm dish I should probably get. It has a removable edge that keeps the mealworms from escaping into the vivarium.

Last night really sucked at work. For you servers on my friends list: you know those nightmares where you're the only one working, the restaurant is filled to the brim, you finally get a table out and more people show up to immediately fill it again? That was my night. My actual night...not a dream nightmare, a real actual "I lived it" nightmare. Thank gods I had a competant bartender working with me and we have a pretty small bar (12 seats, but there were probably about 20 people surrounding it last night). He ended up doing 95% of my food running for me, and then bussed a LOT of the tables once they started staying away. If I had more time I'd go into more detail, but it's really not necessary.

And now I must be off to class. Boo class.


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