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Coolest thing I heard all day:

"We need her ready to be you by the 16th."

This means lots of time in the office in the mornings until then, in addition to the six shifts each week for the next two that I've been scheduled. I think I need to go to Bennigan's and chat at some point this week before next week's schedule. I think more of a "The next month is going to be really hectic, and I'd prefer not to quit here because I sincerely like it. Would a leave of absence of some sort be possible until this is sorted out?" chat than an "I quit" chat.

I'm really getting the hang of the office stuff now. Jes declared me "almost ready to be her" this I think payroll is going to be the next big thing. At least she'll still be around the store if I need help with anything, and I always have her number if I need her.
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My lack of variously appropriate icons is distressing to me. I need to work at filling up more of the 100-icon space I paid for. Also, I must go through my CD book and import a fair number of CDs onto my computer, as I'm also severely mourning the lack of October Project, HEART, Heather Nova, Patty Griffin and others on my computer.

Bah. I really think I jumped into this second job thing way too quickly. I'm already annoyed by everything I'm not doing in the time I'm at work. Is roughly $100 extra per week really worth this? If everything goes according to the meeting's plan, it seems like I'm going to be getting more hours, and better hours, at I may end up quitting Bennigan's before too horribly long. I'll be very sad to leave some really awesome people already, but my loyalties lie first and foremost with CiP...and Bennigan's knew that when I went in...and I'm not going to kill myself with exhaustion if it starts getting to that point.

Off to the store to pick up a couple necessities, and then to get ready for work tonight. I also need to go to Bennigan's at some point this weekend to get next week's schedule. Probably tomorrow. I have all weekend off from CiP (and am only scheduled for M-Th at Bennigan's), and a lot of stuff to get done. Dan really wants me to go to Jackson because I haven't seen his parents in quite a while, but there is so much I need to do here that I don't know if I can. Not to mention if it snows more...the roads are already so bad here. Dan, would you hate me if I just stayed here and cleaned and recooperated from the past two weeks? It's been so crazy, I really think I need to.


Dec. 8th, 2005 10:15 am
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It's been a long week, and the snow hasn't made it better. I love my neighborhood, I love my apartment, I love everything but the street I live on. I've bit the curb TWICE in the past two days on it, and nearly did a doughnut yesterday morning on my way to work.

I'm all by myself on the floor at Bennigan's now, which is nice, but weird. My first week or two on my own at a new restaurant makes me feel like a complete novice server. I've been doing this for over two years now, I love it, I'm good at it, but when I'm new I feel like I've never done it ever before in my life. I was so fidgety and terrified yesterday, and I definitely knocked an empty glass of ice nearly off my tray (the ice went all over the floor, but at least the glass stayed on the tray).

I still have my mini-fridge sitting in the backseat of my car. I really need to get that out, but I forgot to do it while Dan was still here. Damnit. It may just have to sit all weekend until he comes back. I loaned it to Andrea for the summer/fall in the dorms, and now she's off to Central for grad school this weekend.

It's very cold out. Now that my cramps have died down I can actually move from under this blanket, so I think I need to get a shower and get ready for work. I work at Bennigan's at 11:30 and I headwait at CiP tonight, so I won't be out until about 2 or 3am.
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About to go in for my validation at Bennigan's. I'm as prepared as I really can be, but I'm still terrified I'm going to royally screw it up :-\ I don't know everything on the menu, but I know enough to suggest and describe a handful of things. It should be obvious to anyone that I did my "homework." I just suck at remembering it all until I'm constantly around it. Not to mention, the manager who is doing my validation is the pickiest manager there and told me yesterday that he's heard wonderful things about me from everyone so far, and that he "knew he would," so I'm especially scared of screwing it up.

In much more interesting news, I called Sharon of Sharon's Dance Studio to inquire about the classes. There are some awesome packages she has right now, so I'm going to go to one of the group classes next week and see what it's like.

Ah!!! I just want to get this over with! The manager just called and is pushing my validation from 3 to 3:45 :-P *headdesk* As stressful as some of my restaurant trainings have been over the years, this validation thing surpasses them all.
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Have I mentioned how happy I will be when I finish with Bennigan's training and validation? It will mean no more getting up at ridiculous hours of the morning to finish studying for tests. I'm soooooooooo tired at the moment, and I was in bed at a very decent time last night...roughly midnight, maybe a tad earlier even.


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