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Drinking Sofia in and out of the can...

We're just too cute together...

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On the plus side, Dan is home early, so I can run more errands. On the down side, he's terribly sick with probably some norovirus thing (though he's not throwing up yet, knock on wood)--and I'm feeling nauseous by association. Some norovirus strain has been rampaging west Michigan for a little while now, actually. A lot of people assume it's "just the stomach flu" or "food poisoning" and don't really get how serious it is. Only bleach kills it, it can live up to three weeks on objects like doorknobs and switches and other things that don't get religiously washed, you can still pass it on for up to three days after your symptoms are gone, and it has shut down a small handful of restaurants for thorough cleaning after one sick employee ended up affecting literally hundreds of people each in the midwest over the past year. I don't worry too terribly much because I'm rather obsessive about washing my hands, actually. Habit from working in restaurants for four years...but I know people who work in restaurants and really don't do it like they should. hmph.

Also, as our MP emailed the home office when asking if we could do some sort of benefit...our fire chief's house burned down. Look up "irony" in the dictionary.

*laughs* I actually did just look it up for the hell of it and found this:
"consisting of, containing, or resembling iron"

I never would have imagined that I could use "That metal is so irony" and be correct.

I obviously didn't get enough sleep last night :-P
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From last night's dinner...

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I kind of wish I had had somebody take one inside the restaurant. We had this huge U-booth, and it had a mirror behind was really lovely. The amusebouche was really really amazing, and so was the dessert. The soup was pretty good, but--honestly?--there are places I'd rather spend ~$25/per plate at in town. And not all of those places I'd rather spend that much at charge that much. The atmosphere and the experience were extremely nice, though. After all, how many places serve an amusebouche, and a special after-dessert plate from the Chef for an anniversary, and would have given me a rose before we left? It was certainly an experience to be had, and I'm glad we did it.


Dec. 27th, 2006 02:45 pm
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Dan and I are going here to celebrate five years on Saturday :-D

I'm so excited. I made the reservations last week.


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