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The new international trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! All new scenes! I nearly fell out of my chair at the end scene..."But I am 'The Chosen One' *smack* Ow!, kidding." And a Won-Won/Lav-Lav kiss! ROFL! David Yates, I adore you and the people who decided you were the right director for the final four films (yes, four...5, 6, 7 part one, and 7 part two).

This is going to be WONDERFUL! I reallyreallyreally can't wait until July. Oh well, at least I have a new book in a series I'm reading out tomorrow, and the Twilight movie in just under a month.

...I am such an unbelievable dork.
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So...I got some Ravenclaw patches last December, and I finally put one on my tie...hehehe...

I know the movie won't be out until July, but I want to have some level of completion on my Ravenclaw uniform soon just in case they decide to do some sort of special release for the Tales of Beedle the Bard book in December.

Other than that, nothing special has been happening in my life. I've been working obscenely much, even at home, and spent a few hours on both my days off at the restaurant this week. I'm nearly done with all the training stuff, and will be having a trainer meeting next week before I leave for Cincy. After that, I have a couple of smaller things I want to put together for work while I'm out of town, and then I think I'll be pretty happy with where everything's headed.

A little random, but on my mind recently. A lot of restaurant jobs look for people with at least two years experience in the position they are hiring for. After nearly six years in the business it makes complete sense to me. It took me around two or three solid years to feel truly comfortable as a server. I'm starting to round in on two years in management, and I finally am feeling like I've gotten my feet under me, for the most part. It's a nice feeling. I've worked extremely hard, but I really feel that it's all been worth it. Mind you, I'm nowhere near finished with the hard work part of it--I still have a lot to do--but I'm so much more comfortable with how to do things and how to go about things.

I also realized how brilliant OSI's benefits plan is. After one year with the company you get one week of paid vacation. Every six months after that you get one more week. Once you hit five years with the company you get one week paid vacation every three months. After five years I can see one being exceptionally sick of everything, but when you get a paid vacation every three months, how can you really care? Final vacation in year four and six months of hell. Vacation heaven. Six weeks later you're ready to throttle everybody again, but who cares? In six more weeks you get another week of relief! It's brilliant!

Okay, I have things to do before work, but I wanted to say hello. Hope all is going well with you, f'list!


Nov. 3rd, 2007 12:33 pm
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The Do Not Disturb sign is back on the door at with a Time Turner next to it! You can go back and redo all the puzzles, or do the ones you missed the first time around. I'm taking the two WOMBATs that I missed. I had gotten an Exceeds Expectations on the second one (I caught it the first time around), I just took Grade 3 and got EE, and I'm about to take Grade 1. If you need help with the puzzles/to see what dates are which openings, check out the Lexicon:


Nov. 1st, 2007 02:33 pm
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I just bought the following...

Two smaller patches for tie/robe if I think one below is too large for robes once I get some

Large patch for robes

Ravenclaw prefect pin

Next: Sweater. I don't know how I want to do the robes yet, or where to get them. I haven't seen any styles that particularly strike me yet.

I really wish Alivan's had a lindenwood wand :-( As is, I guess I'll just have to find something else.

Again, *hides*
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*laughs* Great video of Daniel Radcliffe being asked about the little tidbit into his fate that Jo gave him after taking him and his parents out to dinner after seeing Equus (speaking of which, there are plans to bring it to Broadway with both him and Richard Griffiths...also, HP6 has started filming):
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Call me silly, but...I didn't get to listen to a lot of the pre-DH Pottercasts before the book release, so I've been listening to them all the past couple of weeks. I love hearing all the HP theories that people had before now that I'm done with the's really interesting. Also, new Pottercast two days ago downloading now--titled "Wandlore"... Yay!
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ROFL! Do NOT roll your mouse over the following link if you don't want any spoilers...


More spoilers below involving above link... )
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If you haven't read Deathly Hallows yet, don't follow these links until you do (unless you're interested in all the post-story stuff and not caring much about spoilers).

Three. The first post-DH fic that I've seen. "Three" details the three funerals of the four major deaths in that final set of battles. Absolutely beautiful and breathtaking.

THE web-transcript with Jo. Jo answers manymanymanymany post-Epilogue questions from fans, and a few other nagging things (like the matter of the person who would do magic "late in life"--she changed her mind by Book 3, and so the person never actually existed. Ha.). We hear more professions and more families made. Also, for all the Hufflepuffs out there, she details the Hufflepuff dormitories, what Dudley possibly saw when he saw the Dementors and how that may have sparked how he was in the seventh book, what event triggered each horcrux, Dumbledore's boggart, how muggleborns get magic, how a couple of the deaths we didn't get to "see" in battle occured, and a LOT of other things. She also said to keep on eye on her site because she'll work on posting more answers over time.
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I started with actual plot speculation, but realized I need to reread before I do any of that.'s release speculation. The books have been released in a pretty predictable pattern:

* Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (June 26, 1997)
* Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (July 2, 1998)
* Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (September 8, 1999)
* Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (July 8, 2000)
* Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (June 21, 2003)
* Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (July 16, 2005)
* Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (release date TBA)

I just researched Book 6 and found the following (because I'm terrible at remembering, even though I've been following this stuff since between Books 4 and 5):

The title was released in June 2004 and an "I'm done!"/release date message of June 21st was given on December 20th--so the title was out a full year before the book; however, this was also a working title of Book 2, so it's one she'd been mulling for years, and this was the perfect opportunity to use it--she knew what was going to happen with Snape, and Snape's old Potions book was playing a role in the story pretty much from the get-go. With Book 7 she's been mulling three different titles for months now, and just released it--this is a major book, and I don't think that a title would be settled upon a full six or seven months before she finished writing it. Also, as a few people have caught, she's mentioned on her site about how now she's writing scenes that have been in her head, in some cases, for over a decade and how that likely implies major scenes near the end. I think all of this leads to a near enough release date. I'm guessing that she'll finish writing around February or March and that we'll have a Fall 2007 release. This will also give the Movie 5 release hype (since it's coming out in July) time to die out before the book is released (I'll say another early September release), and won't be too near all the holiday hype.


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