May. 25th, 2005 03:23 pm
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I could handle this if the teacher would give equal voice to both sides of the argument, but he doesn't. He creates arguments for our homework based on an assumption that, through my own research, I don't hold to be true, and I'm just not going to do anymore questions relating to this argument. I just won't. I am so pissed off right now I don't even want to type my homework up (I'm done with all but one of the infuriating ones, I just have to type everything up).

*throws things*

I'm sorry...if I don't hold that human life begins at conception, all "abortion" is not "morally" wrong and is not a matter of "taking innocent lives" then I cannot handle finding a "missing conclusion" for the argument: "A social policy promoting abortion will inevitably lead to greater violations of the rights of the person. Such a consequence will undermine the mutual respect for the humanity of fellow citizens upon which democratic society is based." and I cannot stand reading argument after argument stating, "Abortion as a means of birth control will cheapen the American social commitment to protecting life. It should therefore be banned."--and finding the missing premise in that particular one...though that I did. This is just a continuation of four previous homework assignments with similar things. The quotes in the first part of the first sentence in this paragraph are either from previous arguments we've had to work with or something said in class. I'm INFURIATED right now. My ideas on the "morals" of abortion, plain and simple, are circumstantial, and my beliefs on things pertaining to arguments for and against abortion are based on scientific findings. Fuck you, my critical thinking teacher, fuck you.
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On abstinence education. I'm pissed now:

In much happier news...

I WAS OFFERED THE JOB! *squeals* Orientation is tentatively scheduled for the 18th of June (sorry, Lissa and Kelli :-( If so, I won't be able to come to your party *sniffles*), and training starts July 5th. I get to quit the pub! I think I'm going to talk to Mom about rescheduling my graduation party for the first weekend in July (the 2nd). By that time I'll have quit the pub and it won't interfere with training or anything at the new place (we're slated to open to the public the 12th of July...there are a lot of planned events the weekend preceeding, that, though...like a Friends and Family night, a benefit night that he might actually be singing at--lol, and a media/publicity night). Of course, that's also the weekend before 4th of July, but we're only really inviting immediate family and a few of my friends, so...if family wants to ditch me for Fourth of July out-of-town plans, then they're not worth being there, anyway. We were already anticipating problems the weekend of my birthday anyway because that's the same weekend at the Venetian Festival in St. Joseph, and practically all of Dad's family goes to that every year.

In other news, Lissa *([livejournal.com profile] cdaae13) was suspended because Melousie and co. are fucking idiots. I STILL LOVE YOU, LISSA!!! And happy belated golden birthday! I wasn't online for it, otherwise I would have posted sooner :-(

...and contrary to Dan saying I shouldn't, I'm celebrating the new job by not going to class today and taking my one absence. I'm sick of the idiots in there :-\

Now I'm off to deposit this weekend's tips and pay my phone connection/first month of service bill and my cell phone bill...which I think I already paid this month, actually, so I wouldn't have to worry about it...
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Inspired by an idiot [livejournal.com profile] to_daae_for found...

I have to take the class, I may as well use it in my favour:

Every opinion is NOT valid. Your opinion is not as valid as my opinion is not as valid as X's opinion. There are these things called "facts" and they make opinions good or they make opinions bad. As Sarah says, "That's your opinion!" and as Hoggle replies, "Well it's a lot better than yours!"

Govier says at the beginning of her book A Practical Study of Argument in a note to the student:

...But more can be said. Applying logic to your own thinking will make you more aware of your own beliefs. It will lead you to understand the reasons and assumptions behind your own beliefs and responses to the world...In some cases your reasons will be exposed as incomplete, inadequate, or fallacious. When this happens, yhr honest response is to look seriously at your own ideas, explore fresh evidence and arguments, and think again.

Reasons and beliefs lead to actions, which express your character and define your relationship to the world. There are reasons underlying the beliefs that are fundamental to you. The logical understanding and evaluation of those reasons is part of understanding yourself and thinking for yourself--and doing it well...

It goes on from there, but that's the most relevant part.

Later on, in Chapter 1, she discusses opinions:

As human beings living in an uncertain world, we make claims about many matters about which we do not have knowledge or even well-confirmed beliefs. An opinion is a belief, often held with a rather low degree of confidence. Usually when we hold opinions, we are aware that they are our opinions in the sense that we cannot fully defend them by citing reasons or evidence in support. For example, it may be one person's opinion that the artificial sweetner Aspartame is harmless and another's opinion that it is a risk to health. These are opinions, but nevertheless it is clear that reasons and evidence are relevant to their credibility; there are facts about what effects Aspartame has, and those facts can be studied and reported in ways that are more or less reliable. Politically and legally, we are free to hold any opinion at all, as people so often insist when they say things like "I'm entitled to my own opinion." No one can coerce us into believing something we don't believe. This political right, however, does not mean that all opinions are equal with respect to their intellectual credibility. Some opinions are mere opinions, whereas other opinions are based on evidence and careful thinking.

Even though we are in some sense "entitled" to hold and express just about any opinion, when our opinions are carelessly formed and unsupported, they do us little service because they are not reliable guides to the world. We should seek well-founded and sensible opinions, grounded in factual accuracy and coherent reasons...

It is dangerous to be careless and freewheeling about our opinions...Calling some claim "a matter of opinion" is no excuse for failing to reflect on it.
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If you, reading this, are so inclined to make one phone call, you will nullify a phone call from an anti-gay nutjob. Oh, excuse me, an anti-gay crusader. Kraft Foods is a major sponsor of the 2006 Gay Games. The nutjobs/crusaders have targeted them and are flooding their phone bank. Want to do something about that? Here's their phone # 1-800-323-0768. Toll free. It only takes a couple of minutes to call them and voice your support for their sponsorship. One call to nullify. Please pass the word to your friends, email addy book, relatives, whomever.

Latest word this morning is that the Kraft phone folks are initially wary when told the call is about their sponsorship, then immensely relieved upon hearing the support, and are still asking people to spread the word because the nutjobs are winning. This entire thing is ridiculous on some level, but it's what we're all reduced to.

I missed their business hours today (M-F 9am-9pm EST), but she said she did it and that it's definitely a good thing to do. I plan on calling tomorrow before work.
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Leave it to movie fan idiots to make me giggle when I'm not in a great mood. I must thank Christine a million times over for creating these icons I'm now using in the communities...lol

Edit: Also, I need to remember that if I get my homework done as soon as I possibly can I can play online without fearing I won't finish said homework.

Edit 2: If I get nothing else out of this class, at least I was introduced to the nonexistant word "entertainmentism." Which reminds me: word made up years ago that I on/off remember and love: "idiocity."


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