May. 27th, 2008 01:54 pm
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I have a few minutes so I thought I'd update a touch. A few nights ago [livejournal.com profile] peazgrl1545 and I went to SushiYa for a few drinks and a late night snack. For those of you not aware, when you go to SushiYa for drinks and a snack...there is never a dull moment. Dan almost hates going there anymore because it's pretty much guaranteed that he will be hating himself in the morning. There was the time when Dan and I went and it was foggy, it was really late, and some random guy was under the pavilion across the street playing a flute. I believe this was also the same night we saw what Japanese karaoke looks like. Last time Julie and I went we ended up chatting for over an hour with another industry guy from the Radisson who just moved to town from Naperville, Illinois. This time, an old roommate of a friend of some of my old friends (Travis' old roommate, Dray, for the couple of you who may know who I'm talking about) was there. He bartended there for a short while, and he was there this time absolutely obliterated. We spent probably about an hour betting drinks (kinda) over bar tricks.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love that place? And now I'm off to pick up Dan's meds, get some lunch, and do lots of interviews at work!
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Lease signed!

Our new apartment! *squeals*

Our front door:

Let's take a tour! )

YAY! So excited! More pictures to follow once all our stuff is moved in :-D

Contact info updated here if you're on the filter. If you're not on the filter, but you think you should be, let me know! We're already planning on having an apartment warming party within the next month. We can have people over again! People can stay over! I'm so happy right now :-D Hail Hestia!


Apr. 4th, 2008 02:23 am
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Southwest Michigan boy smarter than the Smithsonian...

Mich. boy finds 1981 Smithsonian error

ALLEGAN, Mich. - Is fifth-grader Kenton Stufflebeam smarter than the Smithsonian?

On a winter break trip with his family to the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History, the 11-year-old southwestern Michigan boy noticed that a notation, in bold lettering, mistakenly identified the Precambrian as an era.

Since it opened in 1981, millions of people have paraded past the museum's Tower of Time, a display involving prehistoric time. Kenton was the first to point out the error.

Kenton, who lives in Allegan but attends Alamo Elementary School near Kalamazoo, said his fifth-grade teacher, John Chapman, had nearly made the same mistake about the Precambrian in a classroom earth-science lesson before catching himself.

"I knew Mr. Chapman wouldn't tell all these students" bad information, the boy told the Kalamazoo Gazette for a story published Wednesday.

So Kevin Stufflebeam took his son to the museum's information desk to report Kenton's concern on a comment form.

Last week, the boy received a letter from the museum acknowledging that his observation was "spot on."

"The Precambrian is a dimensionless unit of time, which embraces all the time between the origin of Earth and the beginning of the Cambrian Period of geologic time," the letter says.

The solution to the problem would not involve advanced science but rather simply painting over the word "era," the note says.

While no previous visitors to the museum had brought up the error, it has long rankled the paleobiology department's staff, who noticed it even before the Tower of Time was erected 27 years ago, said Lorraine Ramsdell, educational technician for the museum.

"The question is, why was it put up with that on it in the first place?" Ramsdell said.

Excited as he was to receive the correspondence from museum officials, he couldn't help but point out that it was addressed to Kenton Slufflebeam.

In Allegany.
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I was browsing restaurant sites and came across the one I most recently worked at (I was curious if it had been updated at all recently :-P). On it, the owner had put a news segment that I didn't realize existed...Katie Couric came to Kalamazoo and did a segment on what is commonly referred to around here as "The Promise" and came into existence in 2005. Now, I have a few comments on things said within the segment that I wanted to touch on here, but first I'll give you a short overview of what "The Promise" is. Keep in mind, I adore this city. There is a lot of good stuff inherent in the Promise, but you can't overlook the downfalls.

Basically, the "Kalamazoo Promise" is a promise to local families that their children will have affordable college educations. The amount varies depending on how long your child has been in the KPS system, but let's those of us who have been to college be honest--any free college money is a wonderful wonderful thing:
K-12 .......................100%
1-12 ........................95%
2-12 ........................95%
3-12 ........................95%
4-12 ........................90%
5-12 ........................85%
6-12 ........................80%
7-12 ........................75%
8-12 ........................70%
9-12 ........................65%

The Kalamazoo Promise website has a bunch of questions answered (if you live outside of the district, even if your kids attend school here, you don't qualify, if you attend a private school it doesn't count (Central Catholic HS, for one example, Kalamazoo Christian for another), if you attend a private college it isn't applicable, etc.). We have a handful of "donors" that are contributing roughly $12 million a year to the cause, and the segment is saying how widely attainable this could be, but there are a fair amount of things the segment doesn't cover about the city. It mentions how Kalamazoo was once reliant on the paper mill industry and that the factories are pretty much non-existant now, and this has led to severe economic depression. This is very true. The thing it fails to mention is the absurd number of extraordinarily wealthy families we have living here that contribute ridiculous (but wonderful) sums of money to the local arts scene and such. I would bet money that there is only a small handful of these families (the Gilmores, the Upjohns, the Strykers, please feel free to name more those of you who know more than I do about it) that contributed. Who would be willing to bet that the Gilmores make up at least half of the donation? If cities don't have similarly generous and wealthy families, I don't see how widespread it can be. That's really the one big "downfall" of the segment.

I do, however, see it as a brilliant economic chance for Kalamazoo. These kids, many who never even bothered with school because statistics were so against them going to college and having careers, were already dreaming the second it was announced and are now looking for ways that they can make it work andn give back to the community once they're finished. They have been given a gift the likes of which I can't even begin to imagine, and these kids who didn't give a damn before understand just how special it is and are determined to make the most of it. I really love it. I wish I could get my little cousin's family here.


All the Gazette stories on "The Promise":
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Sushiya = way way yummy. Too bad Dan's not really into sushi :-(


Dec. 27th, 2006 02:45 pm
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Dan and I are going here to celebrate five years on Saturday :-D

I'm so excited. I made the reservations last week.
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Oooh...Dar Williams just finished recording her latest CD. I know the CD is going to have a number of guest appearances, but the only one I've heard of specifically is Ani DiFranco. She'll be in Ann Arbor the day before my birthday, and in Chicago Dec 30th and 31st.

I swear...if I ever have to work a Pistons game BY MYSELF again (this was the second time I worked a game alone, and the second time the place was PACKED FULL), I swear I'm quitting. Oh...wait...I'm putting notice in before it can happen again, aren't I? hah. The bartender is my favourite bartender ever, and he offered to buy me a drink after I got off because of how "AHHHHH" I was. I told him thanks, but I was dead and needed to go home instead of having a drink and being even more dead before I got there...lol

I'm so exhausted. I was supposed to be out by 10:15, and I didn't get home until 1. I am NOT setting my alarm tomorrow, and I will get to Clio whenever I get to Clio. Period. If anybody in that general vicinity wants to do anything while I'm home, feel free to call me. I will finally be turning in my apron and stuff to the Brewery--"officially" quitting. I wanted to do it over spring break, but Mom didn't want me to "just in case." I'll miss the place, but I'm happier living in Kalamazoo. I can't stay here much longer, but for now it's good.

I need to go to bed now.
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So, apparently the Outback Corp. is having its complete and total way with Kalamazoo (and so far is being hugely successful in the endeavour...Carrabba's and Outback are always packed). Carrabba's recently opened here, and now the Jimmy Buffet theme chain is soon to open--both Outback corp. restaurants.

If one works at any Outback corp. restaurant, though, it means 50% off at ANY Outback corp. restaurant. Awesome. It actually sounds pretty cool--live music seven days a week including karaoke on Mondays and Open Mic on Wednesdays.

Now I need to get ready for my long day at work :-)


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