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WHAT FANDOM DO YOU HAVE THE MOST ICONS OF: looks like it's a tie between Harry Potter and Only Revolutions and Phantom of the Opera, maybe. I have lots of POE and lots of Peter Pan, too, but I don't use the Peter Pan ones very much...oh, and a handful of my college's production of Metamorphoses.
WHAT SHIP DO YOU HAVE THE MOST ICONS OF: I don't really, but I guess I would have to say Sam and Hailey from Only Revolutions. Those are all the ones with the green and gold eyes on them. My favorite book--which I'm even taking my vows from.
ARE YOUR ICONS MADE MOSTLY BY OTHER PEOPLE: No. I like making my own, though I do have a handful from others.
ARE THEY ANY GOOD: I think some are.
ANIMATED ICONS ARE: Depends on the icon.

Coding can be found here
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1.Where did you take your default pic?
At our (now) neighbor's house on Halloween. The full version is here:

2.What exactly are you wearing right now?
Exactly? A solid black fitted shirt, jeans, and black socks. I'm waiting for the laundry to finish so I can change for work.

3.What is your current problem?
The disconnect between time needed for wedding planning, the time needed for work stuff, time needed for personal time, and the actual number of hours per day.

4.What makes you happy most?
My version of relaxing.

5.What's the name of the song that you're listening to?
The Velvet Underground, "Pale Blue Eyes"

6.Any celeb you would marry?

7.Name someone with the same birthday as you?
Denny Martin. She was in my kindergarten class, and when we realized we had the same birthday I told my mom. Apparently, her mom was my mom's roommate in the hospital when they were in Talk about a small world!

8.Ever sang in front of a large audience?
Many many many times.

9. Has anyone ever said you looked like a celebrity?
Yes. Apparently, one of my senior photos looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt.

10.Do you still watch kiddy movies or kiddie TV shows?
Depends on the movie or show, I suppose. I don't really watch TV anyway, but there are still some Disney movies I adore.

11. Do you speak any languages?
No, though I know a little ASL from when I took it in high school and college. I never kept up on the skills, though.

12. Has anyone you've been really close with passed away?
*knock on wood* No.

13.Do you ever watch MTV?
No. We don't have cable anyway.

14.What's something that really annoys you?
How about someone? *looks around innocently*

Chapter 1:
1.Middle name:

Linds is the most prevalent. My boss likes spelling it

3.Current location:
Home, sprawled out on my amazing couch that I'm still ecstatic over having back.

4.Eye color:

Chapter 2:

1.Do you live with your parent(s):

2.Do you get along with your parent(s):

3.Are your parents married/separated/divorced

4.Do you have any Siblings?:
One brother

For the record...[ profile] hearthstone is the one I nabbed the survey from, and I didn't have to change a single answer in Chapter

Chapter 3: Favorites
1. Ice Cream:
Cookies 'n' Cream or Mint Chocolate Chip.

2. Season:
Summer and Autumn...even better? That wonderful transition between the two!

Currently, SunSilk Hydra TLC. I may try something else soon, though. It's been pretty good, but I'd love to find that set that works PERFECTLY for my hair...ha.

Chapter 4: Do You..
1.Dance in the shower?

2.Write on your hand?
Once in a while.

3.Call people back?

4.Believe in love?
Of course.

6. Have any bad habits?

7. Have any mental health issues?
I don't like talking about this one.

Chapter 5: Have You..
1.Broken a bone:
One officially. I'm sure I've broken toes, though.

2.Sprained stuff:

3.Had physical therapy:

4. Gotten stiches:
*knock on wood* No.

5.Taken painkillers:
Does Motrin/ibuprofen count? Otherwise, no. They don't ever do anything for the pain (I metabolize most medicine too quickly, so it's worthless), so I don't see the point.

6. Gone scuba diving or snorkeling:

7.Been stung by a bee:

8.Thrown up at the dentist:

9.Sworn in front of your parents:

10. Had detention:
I think maybe once, and it was completely not my fault. The person behind me asked for a pencil in sixth grade science class, and I was either saying yes and loaning them one or telling them I didn't.

11.Been called a hoe.

Chapter 6: Who/What was the last
Prince Caspian!

2.Person to text you:
Dan, I think.

3.Person you called:

4.Person you hugged:

5.Person you tackled?
Not sure if I ever even have.

6. Person you talked to on IM?
[ profile] clearmind

7.Thing you touched:
My laptop, of course. Before that, laundry.

8. Thing you ate?
I had Jimmy John's for lunch.

9.Thing you drank:
Cherry Coke.

10.Thing you said:
No idea. I was half asleep when Dan left for work this morning, so it was probably a highly unintelligible "Have a good day at work. I love you."

11.Person you kissed:
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From [ profile] chasmine17

1. How long ago did you join LJ?
Technically, I started an account in 2000 when looking around for an online journalling site. I also found OpenDiary around that time and liked the format MUCH better (I was young, I was too impatient to play around and discover all the amazingness that is LJ at the time), so I never used my LJ account. The first LJ account I actually started using lists 1/31/2002 as its creation date, and that was my first entry in it.

2. How did you find out about LJ?
Just searching on Yahoo! (this was back before I started Googling everything ;-)) for online journal sites. I'm not really sure what drove me back to this site in particular rather than finding a different one...I can't remember if it was a someone or what exactly.

3. If someone introduced you to LJ, is s/he still on your friends list?
Yes I'm still on my own f'list ;-)

4. Have you introduced anyone to LJ?
Well...I was in college and living in the dorms when I started this stuff. I convinced LOTS of friends in the dorms (and online) to start online journals (I'm pretty positive I was the first). Many of them still have them, and many others have fizzled out with life. I think so long as my good friends continue to keep them I will (and probably even after that, journalling has just become something I do...something that's me), because I'm terrible at keeping in touch with people via email and snail email and phone, and so this is a very wonderful way to stay in tune with their day-to-day lives (because just emails and letters are so's like a five-minute version of a movie). Also, the phone is difficult, because if you happen to have twenty people that you don't live anywhere even remotely near anymore, but you still want to keep in constant contact with them, you could spend literally hours per day on the phone, and that's just not I hate the phone. There are very very few people I can spend long periods on the phone with.

5. Is your LJ public or friends only, and why?
It's a little bit of everything. I have a lot of public entries, but I also have TONS of FO entries. I also make significant use of filters. I talk about so much in here, and some of it is sensitive stuff that I don't want there to be even a hint of a risk of anything being seen there that might get me in trouble with work, so I have various levels of filters.


Feb. 23rd, 2008 02:09 am
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Some hints for Round 2 before I go to bed...if you thought you knew one that hasn't been guessed yet, this is your chance to confirm it ;-)

Lost in Translation
Match Point
Adrian Lyne's Lolita

These are all movies that all of you should see, by the way. Tadpole is hysterical and smart and has the amazing Bebe Neuirth in it, Match Point is thriller and lust and Woody Allen and Scarlett Johannson and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, and Possession is wonderful novel turned lovely movie, and that version of Lolita is the most wonderful adaptation of the book that could possibly exist and has Jeremy Irons, and Election is also hysterical and has Reese Witherspoon and Matthew Broderick, and...well... you get the idea.

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1. Pick 15 of your favorite movies.
2. Go to IMDb and find a quote from each movie.
3. Post them here for everyone to guess.
4. Fill in the film title once it's guessed.
5. NO GOOGLING / using IMDb search functions.

The Quotes
1. The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you. ([ profile] velvatier - Lost in Translation)

2. I want it all, as long as it's with you. ([ profile] ironflower - What Dreams May Come)

3. There is a shortage of perfect breasts in the world. 'twould be a pity to damage yours. ([ profile] swirling_poetry, [ profile] ironflower, [ profile] alleykitten - The Princess Bride)

4. Love of my life, let down your lustrous locks! ([ profile] alleykitten - The 10th Kingdom)

5. Well I haven't missed you. In fact, I've been revoltingly unfaithful to you. But it doesn't matter, because you don't care about me anymore anyway.

6. He does dress better than I do, what would I bring to the relationship? ([ profile] alleykitten - Clueless)

7. It's a crystal. Nothing more. But if you turn it this way and look into it, it will show you your dreams. ([ profile] swirling_poetry, [ profile] ironflower, [ profile] alleykitten - Labyrinth)

8. And where were you twenty years ago? Ten years ago? Where were you when I was new? When I was one of those innocent young maidens you always come to? How dare you! How dare you come to me now, when I am this! ([ profile] alleykitten - The Last Unicorn)

9. Men always seem to wonder. They think I'd be something very special.

10. Its okay, you can laugh. I promise I won't tell anyone. ([ profile] vox_diabolica - Cruel Intentions)

11. He should have just accepted things as they are instead of trying to interfere with destiny. You see, you can't interfere with destiny. That's why it's destiny. And if you try to interfere, the same thing's going to happen anyway, and you'll just suffer.

12. -It doesn't fit me.
-Sure it does.
-You can't prove it.
-I can disprove the opposite.

13. -You cut me, Madam.
-I'm sorry. I only meant to scratch.

14. -Look, we can't do this 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
-Why not?
([ profile] leandra_nyx - secretary)

15. -My wallet was stolen.
-You were mugged?
-Well, sort of.
-What do you mean, 'sort of'?
-She was very pleasant about it.
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90% Chris Dodd
84% Mike Gravel
83% Dennis Kucinich
82% Hillary Clinton
82% Barack Obama
80% John Edwards
80% Joe Biden
77% Bill Richardson
42% Rudy Giuliani
29% John McCain
22% Ron Paul
22% Mike Huckabee
22% Tom Tancredo
18% Mitt Romney
9% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

Interesting, but I really hated some of the questions because many of my opinions are not so cut-and-dry as the options.
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Seems like a nice way to end the year.

Fell in love? Thought I was at 17/18, but alas not. I think it's most accurate to say I fell in love twice while 19. So young, in retrospect, but still true. I very strongly believe that once you fall in love--truly fall in love--you never fall out of it. If you do, you were never really "in love" to begin with.
Got a MySpace account? 23 or 24.
Got drunk? Never.
Got fench kissed? 17.
Went to the hospital for surgery? Never *knock on wood*
Got your heart broken badly? First, I'm not certain. I've actually had my heart broken more than once, too...sometimes by people who were supposedly friends, and once by my own stupidity--and that one I'll pay for for the rest of my life, but I wouldn't change anything I've done...I'm too happy where I am to regret anything.
Lost a pet? Six, I think.
Got arrested? I've not been.
Smoked a cigarette? I've never smoked.
Broken a bone? Unofficially, my toe when I was 10 (and I danced in a recital with it...that was awful--unofficially because I never went to the doctor about it), officially when I was 11...I had a huge freaking cast on for a tiny hairline fracture in my pinkie finger.
Went to a concert? 17, I think.
Got your own cell phone? 20 or 21.
Got a speeding ticket? Never.
Ran away? Never.
Snuck out of the house? Never.
Pierced other than your ears? 19 when I got my navel pierced.
Got a tattoo? 23rd birthday, I think...I really don't remember.
Bought porn? Never.
Totaled a car? Never...knock on wood.
Moved out of your parents house? 18 for college.
Had a kid? Never, knock on wood. I never want children.
Got married? I will be 27.
How old are you now? 25.


Jun. 29th, 2007 09:48 pm
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I couldn't choose between a couple of answers, and go figure the two I get *laughs* Two wonderful wonderful movies, though...and I really feel like watching the second now...

What movie is your love life like )
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Because I swear that half my f'list has one of these counters...

Crush this person!
Get your own CrushTag!

Got to see [ profile] amneria with [ profile] madbillyblack yesterday! This weather can't pick anything, and yesterday it was terrible and snowy and so freaking cold. Will and I spun out on 31 at about 12:45am on our way home. Thankfully, there were no cars in the road. I love how incidents like this don't even affect me. I'm just kind of "hm...okay." about it all. (now this will prove if Dan even bothers reading my LJ I haven't said anything to him about it yet)

Also, the JVP emailed me. He'll be in town next M-W. He said we'll "talk about the plan in detail" then. One week and I know what's going to become of me. Three weeks and I'll be done with my training. I'm scared and excited.

Okay...I have a very busy day ahead, so I should probably jump into the shower. I already paid bills, I have to get my oil changed this morning, I want to get lunch at Sushiya, I want to finish my Legal Issues training book and start my other one, and I would like to maybe do a bit of shopping.
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2006 Survey )

40. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year:

Bravely I look further than I see
Knowing things I know I cannot be, not now
I'm so aware of where I am, but I don't know where that is
And there's something right in front of me and I

Touch the fingers of my hand
And I wonder if it's me
Holding on and on to Theories of prosperity
Someone who can promise me
I believe in me

Tomorrow I was nothing, yesterday I'll be
Time has fooled me into thinking it's a part of me

--Believe, K's Choice
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Sinus cold go away!!!!!

Answers to the lyrics meme:

1) 24, Jem, [ profile] amneria

2) And quiet is the thought of you
The file on you complete
Except what we forgot to do
--A Thousand Kisses Deep, Leonard Cohen

3) It hangs in my hair and the hems of my clothes
I'm caught in the madness my arms could not hold
I can't tell you why 'cause I long to be forgiven
--Porchlight, Neko Case

4) Here is true peace
Here my heart knows calm
Safe in your soul
Bathed in your sighs
--Gorecki, Lamb

5) But I stand committed
to a love that came before you
and the fact that I adore you
is just one of my truths
--school night, Ani DiFranco

6) Well I never been to heaven
But I been to Oklahoma
Well they tell me I was born there
But I really don't remember
--Never Been To Spain, Three Dog Night, [ profile] amneria

7) And were I a deadwood ship, my heart a compass,
I would leave with inanimate grace, no love could touch me
But I live and I know that I'll burn as I grow
Though it might break my heart to walk away
--I Love, I Love, Dar Williams

8) Now I'm a long way from little,
'Cause I tried to find heaven,
'Cause I thought that I could.
--I Really Loved Harold, Emilianna Torrini (originally by Melanie Safka)

9) You live here in my dreams
Land of images and signs
Sleep now I'll see you there
On the other side of time
--The Other Side of Time, Mary Fahl

10) Now you're as mean as I am good.
And I'd stop comin' here if I could.
You laugh at all my school girl fears
And you tell me 'when you want me little girl I'll be here'
I'd trade my body for my soul.
--(Up On) Cherry Blossom Road, HEART
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From [ profile] gerbilsage ages ago. I post lyrics, you guess the song and artist. Don't cheat :-P

1) I need your blessing
And your promise to live free
Please do it for me

--24, Jem, [ profile] amneria

2) And quiet is the thought of you
The file on you complete
Except what we forgot to do

3) It hangs in my hair and the hems of my clothes
I'm caught in the madness my arms could not hold
I can't tell you why 'cause I long to be forgiven

4) Here is true peace
Here my heart knows calm
Safe in your soul
Bathed in your sighs

5) But I stand committed
to a love that came before you
and the fact that I adore you
is just one of my truths

6) Well I never been to heaven
But I been to Oklahoma
Well they tell me I was born there
But I really don't remember

-Never Been To Spain, Three Dog Night, [ profile] amneria

7) And were I a deadwood ship, my heart a compass,
I would leave with inanimate grace, no love could touch me
But I live and I know that I'll burn as I grow
Though it might break my heart to walk away

8) Now I'm a long way from little,
'Cause I tried to find heaven,
'Cause I thought that I could.

9) You live here in my dreams
Land of images and signs
Sleep now I'll see you there
On the other side of time

10) Now you're as mean as I am good.
And I'd stop comin' here if I could.
You laugh at all my school girl fears
And you tell me 'when you want me little girl I'll be here'
I'd trade my body for my soul.
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Give me one reason why I'm going to Hell.
(Or a couple of them. Or something.)

Then, (if you want to, and only if it's not too much trouble) post this in your LJ so that everyone can tell you why you're destined for eternal damnation (you know, fire and brimstone, demons gnawing at your innards for eternity...).

...because I've had a hell of a day, and I could use the giggles.
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LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

I win!

I like to take my time with certain books. Digest them slowly and let them simmer in my head between sittings; not read them all at once--usually this happens with books that become all-time favorites. It took me three months to work through House of Leaves, about three weeks to work through Lolita, about a month or so to work through Possession, and just this evening I hit the point in Only Revolutions where the o's met. Where the bookmarks met. Each one left me shattered for a few minutes and temporarily unable to continue. I just gazed...amazed. Books so rarely hit me so deeply. It amazes me how MZD manages to write things that strike me so earthshatteringly that I can't even bring myself to continue reading for a bit. And they're always the smallest and simplest things...yet, at the same time, the most groundbreaking things. I'm silly with my books. I'm always scared to lend them out because I do things like write in them and highlight things. I never know whether I want the person I'm loaning it to to discover things on their own, like I did, or help them along...I'm never quite sure that I want to give so much of myself away either. I bought Dan his own copy of HoL because I just couldn't bear to part with mine. I loaned my copy of Phantom to someone who was a friend at the time and never got it back because they said they accidentally caused it some injury in the time they had it. They got me another copy--and a more "valuable" one (all years after it had been out of print)...but I was still heartbroken and just wanted my other copy back, regardless of battle scars, because of how much of myself was in it.

...and now it's late, and now I've been babbling on, so I should go to bed. I have work bright and early in the morning, and a long week ahead of me. Note to self, speaking of OR: I should call Julie tomorrow and see if she ended up getting Wednesday off...

Our Leftwrist Twists of Gold too.
Sticking US together.

--Everyone dreams the Dream
                                             but we are it.


Jun. 28th, 2005 05:11 pm
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Every single one of these, save about three (though one is currently on my interests list in a different form), have been on interest lists of mine before, and I don't know why most of them currently aren't.

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. last five years score: 16
2. gin and tonics score: 16
3. greek religion score: 15
4. faerie tales score: 12
5. the vagina monologues score: 11
Cut to save your f'list... )
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Apparently getting out of work early after having a nice little lunch rush puts me in a happy mood! I've gone and paid rent for June, and deposited today's tips, and now I get to sit back and relax! I think I'll read another month or so of archives, maybe go to Meijer and pick some things up that I need and do some cleaning. I still haven't mastered that whole "unpacking" part of things, but I hate trying to find places to put all my stuff :-P Some of it will probably end up re-packed and thrown into the closet once I do get around to doing that. Tonight feels like enchilada night, since I don't really have much else around.

For now, a meme from [ profile] crysania4:

Cut to save your friends list... )
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From [ profile] samuraibutterfl

Long survey... )
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You know the drill :-)

1. What made you decide to major in Anthropology? (that's the right major, right??)

Because archaeology was in the anthropology department. I actually didn't really understand what anthropology was until I took my first archaeology class. I'd always adored archaeology and kinda wanted to be a paleontologist at one point, and learn hiroglyphics. I remember when I was in fifth grade I started this string game craze (Cat's Cradle and all those great things you can do with a loop of string) throughout my class, and eventually through a lot of my grade (EVERYone wanted me to teach them how to do Jacob's Ladder)--and I generally had two loops around my wrist at all times in case someone else wanted to play/learn, too. Towards the end of the year my class had a science fair for our grade to come see, and the teacher let the class and other teachers vote on the best project, and the top three got a prize. She did have the prizes assigned, but then when she saw the results decided to let us pick our own. I ended up with first, and one of the options was a book of string games--of course I already had my own and knew most of the things in it, so I chose one of the other prizes...a "dig your own dinosaur skeleton!" kit. I remember spending DAYS working so carefully on the clay with the little brushes and picks and a glass of water until I found the skeleton. I adored it. The idea kind of slipped near the back of my mind when I became more involved in pointe and drama, and didn't really surface completely again until I talked to somebody I knew who told me we had a pretty great archaeology program. I found the Intro to Archaeology class at Western, fell in love with the material, the class, the teacher--I became a double major that semester, and the rest is history. I also love cultural anthro now, and I find the idea of doing fieldwork in modern settings fascinating. I'd love to do the American equivalent of what Anne Allison does, if I end up not doing classical archaeo in Greece like I'd like to. She does fieldwork in modern-day big city Japan and writes ethnographies on it. One of her most known is Night Work about hostess clubs and Japan's night life. She actually worked as a hostess there for a while, and her stories (one of my teachers was friends with her from Yale and brought her into our Ethnography class) are fascinating. I read a couple of pieces from another book she wrote about her children going through some of the Japanese schools and the cultire of being a mother in Japan...just amazing...and I'm going to read Night Work once I'm done with classes and have time to really sit down and read again. In short: because of archaeology, and from there I fell in love with multiple fields within the scope of anthro.

2. You switched from majoring in theater, if I am correct. Why?

Damn...long story questions ;-) Lots of reasons, actually. As most people who have known me know (and all of you should by now), I've been dealing with depression for a very long time. In high school theatre was the way I escaped it, but during college it became part of what dragged me even further down. Between double majoring in two intense fields and a lot of other things (which maybe I'll write about more privately after answering these), my depression grew to unbearable amounts, and I became fairly suicidal, actually. I never did anything overt, but little things that weren't likely to end up in me dead--but...that's beside the point. junior year of college it grew to the point where I couldn't drag myself out of bed for Theatre History (I think one of two theatre classes I was taking that semester, but the other was actually kind of fun...yay Directing on TR mornings. I realised that this couldn't go on--especially since I'd used my two absences already and my grade would drop if I missed anymore--and I was not going to waste the money my parents were using to help send me to college. I vented majorly to my best friend at the time, and it was determined I was going home ASAP to get help...the next day, which was a Monday. I called my mom the next morning telling her I was coming home on the first train I could, and I just kind of lost it and started sobbing on the phone. I told her I couldn't handle it anymore, and I asked her to find me a doctor that could help me. We really lucked out and I had an appointment two days later with a wonderful woman who put me on an SSRI. I was back in classes the following Monday (emailing my teachers from home was the hardest thing to do EVER) after that, and things straightened out a little bit--to the point where I decided that the thing that had once helped me was now making me worse, and I was stretching myself too thin (which I've done every semester since then, but...I can't seem to help it) between two fields I loved. The thing I loved became something I dreaded, and I had to get away for a while. I stayed mildly involved (taking Directing II the following semester), but only minimally for a while, and focused on archaeology and my anthro classes instead. It really helped clear my head, and while I've regained my love for theatre (I will never be able to stay's something that's had me since I was very young), I wanted to graduate in a reasonable amount of time and I wanted to not take Scenic Design and Lighting/Sound Design, so I stayed a minor.

3. Is it worth it to be a waitress? I'm looking for a new job that is not retail, but food services might be ok :).

Personally, I love it. It actually helps my depression, and cash-in-pocket rather than paycheck-to-paycheck is awesome. I lucked out, though. Most places will only hire people who have at least a year serving experience. I found a place that was DESPERATE for servers, and they hired me on. From there I've been able to find the jobs I have. A good way to get in (I actually had a long chat about this with [ profile] silvrstrfx once) if you don't have previous experience is either hostessing or SAing/bussing (Server Assisstant), and you can still make pretty good money.

4. What was your favorite part of Fanafas?

SO MANY! I adored being at Lissa's house soooooo late that one night with most of you guys--the night the bindi picture was taken, actually...aside from the me not being able to breathe AT ALL because of Lissa's cats. I remember my throat became the size of a needle, suddenly. Back at the motel with Alley and Kevin was hysterical, too, though. Jeremy and Kevin got soooooo drunk playing Quarters...rofl...and Alley and Kevin's room WAS really creepy. I went back with her to get something from it and experienced the creepiness for I think my least favourite part was getting fried at the pool. I was peeling for WEEKS after that fiasco, and my back was hot enough to fry an egg on for days afterward.

5. Are you really coming to IL in June for Lissa's graduation party?

If I can get it off of work. If I'm hired in at this new place, then the point may be moot and I may have quit by then, because that next week is finals, and then I'll be starting orientation and training the weekend of the 23rd, probably. So very possibly. If Dan can come, we can probably bring my car. If he can't come, I can probably take the train in.


May. 17th, 2005 07:59 pm
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I'm trying to get all my Livejournal friends' locations plotted on a map - please add your location starting with this form.
(Then get your friends to!)

I finally added my bio to my profile for this name. I rule ;-)
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I realise that my quiz was really tough, and so I thought I'd go through and explain some of them.

The explanations behind the quiz answers... )


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