Apr. 18th, 2008 01:51 pm
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It's...official. Deposit down, contract will be in the mail shortly.

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009 at Stuart Avenue Inn in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Wow. I can't even describe how I feel right now. It's kind of amazing.


New allways. And pacific too. How'z life? Taking forever. Let's dance. And take forever with US. Yes. Let's go. We'll work it out.

I want you just this way. To never have to go away. From you. From US. Allways kissing, adored. The rest. And smiling. To hold you when we're happy, we're lazy. Sad. When you're stubborn. When you're brave. When you're mad. When you're scorned. But allways beside me and my moods. Too when you arrive. When you're allone. When I go. When I'm allone. But allways beside you wherever we roam. We're allways at once.

I hear you hearing me.

I'm not content. I want you more and more. I feer more and more. I'm so strange now. We're impossible to dismiss. To be apart of this? Whirls of ours. By something wide which feels close. Open but feels closed. Lying weirdly across US. Between US. Where we're closest, where we touch, where we're one. Somehow continuing on separately. Hold me tighter.

Everyone dreams the Dream

but you are it.

I won't help being. Your tears can't ever stop me.

We take nips of a saltier equity. Mixed. Our honey. Sticking on our lips, our fingers. Our Leftwrist Twists of Gold too. Sticking US together. Sticking US to the World. Everlasting Whims & Everlasting Loss. Against Horrors passing with Love's passing. Love and Horror's impermanence forever against Loss and the Caprice of endurance. Leaving US to the World. Leaving US together with our Leftwrist Twists of Gold. Our sticky fingers, our lips. Our liquidity. Sweetest mix of all we sip.

Here's to deciding. So glad. Allready welling up.

Everyone dreams the Dream

but we are it.

Somehow now, here, we're one, while allready somewhere nearer we go on apart. Untouched. Our between. Our across. US.

These Worlds of ours. United if unforgiven. We're various. We're extremely dangerous.

Don't be afraid. I want you more and more. Now. Everytime and everyway. Let's just do it all at once. Because except for US everyone goes away without US. Wherever we roam be beside me. When you're allone. When you go. When noone comes along.

And for all we Wander, Encounter and Open allways curl up with me. Give me Pain, Past and Fury. Betray my way. I won't abandon you. For US. For me. Until all's away and our Love is clutched by no one. And the World works.

Let US go gently. Taking our time. Dancing on. How is forever? Taking everyone. Except US...peaceful still. Before the passing World.


Feb. 16th, 2008 05:18 pm
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I forgot how heartbreaking this movie is, and just why it's one of my absolute favorites. The first time I saw it was my junior year of college, less than a year after Dan and I had started dating. I didn't even get through the first twenty minutes before I nearly lost it and almost couldn't keep watching. It was so beautiful, though, that I had to. Not to mention, I never would have heard the end of it if I had to stop watching just because it just hurt too much to imagine losing Dan like that.

Is that kind of an occupational hazard of soul mates? One's not much without the other?

I guess this is why it's been so long since I last watched it. I'm only not a wreck right now because I'm also doing laundry and typing on this and keeping myself otherwise occupied.

-Sometimes when you win, you lose.
-Sometimes when we lose, we win.


I want it all, as long as it's with you.

For anybody who hasn't read the novel:

And the movie:

Edit: Speaking of heartbreaking movies that I can't handle I have my Lost in Translation DVD in, and the previews are playing. Have any of you seen 21 Grams? Brilliant movie that I will never be able to watch ever ever again because it just hurts too much.
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Yesterday was hell. I haven't thrown up in probably seven or eight years, but I had a nasty nasty 24 hour bug yesterday that certainly changed that. I was just glad I woke up okay this morning (yesterday and today are my days off this week), because I picked up an admin shift for one of our admins who had a funeral this morning.

It's been an interesting weekend so far. Wednesday was pretty good at work--we had a rather large dinner for a Wednesday night...all the people going out who didn't want to go out Thursday for Valentine's Day. Thursday was terrible! Our KM only scheduled five guys to cook, and one of them he scheduled had requested the day off for an appointment. Obviously that was our KM's screw-up, so we had to cover it...which we didn't. So, we had four guys cooking through a few $1000-$1500 hours (we do those on Fridays and Saturdays with eight or nine guys cooking). Obviously, this meant that I spent about three hours cooking a skirt. ha. After I got out I ran home and took a shower and changed (because I smelled like burgers and you could probably wring me out I had so much grease absorbed into my skin), and we grabbed a late bite to eat (I worked 12-10). I woke up early yesterday morning so ungodly sick.

Anyway...the bright point to Thursday...Dan sent me a dozen long-stemmed red roses at work! I got to work a little before noon and walked into a very large flower box in the office...


I cut the stem off one and put it in my hair for the day:

This is what the poor thing looked like after a third of my shift was spent cooking:

Okay...I've already been up too long today after yesterday's debacle. Naptime.
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ha...I thought we had decided against doing anything for Valentine's Day this year because we never do (well, we usually go out to eat, but we always go out to eat regardless of holidays), but yesterday he was acting all crazy about some surprise, so I went out before work yesterday, grabbed a card at the amazing card shop I discovered downtown last week, and went to Tiffany's and bought him a small bottle of scotch, and two chocolate bars (first time I've been to that site...omg I must try the Gatsby+Daisy truffles!!!!1!!!11!) from their amazing selection of chocolate. He's not awake yet to see the gifts, so I hope he saves me pieces of the chocolate...I've not tried either and really want to try both of them (Naga, and Gianduja).

Also, apparently, said surprise was supposed to come to the restaurant yesterday *raises eyebrows* So, I'm assuming it will come today while I'm at work. *laughs* He was very angry yesterday. Early yesterday morning, whatever place he got it from tried calling my phone. Upon close inspection the number looked familiar, and I've resisted looking up the business I think it's from.

Did I mention that I generally hate sweets, but I adore dark chocolate beyond description?


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