Apr. 22nd, 2008 09:36 am
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...I just watched one of my top ten favorite movies (I bought it a couple of weeks ago) you get quotes...and me harassing you all that you need to watch Conversation(s) With Other Women...because it's theatre on film and it's absolutely brilliant.


Woman: You know what? I'm very reliable.
Man: You never used to be.
Woman: You know what? Suffice it to say, there are lots of things that I used to be, that I am no longer. And mind you, there are lots of things I've never thought of, either, that I unexpectedly am.

Woman: God, you put that champagne flute in front of me. I so knew what was going to happen. I looked at that glass and I thought, "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck." [Man laughs] No, it's not funny. I am married to a well-respected cardiologist, and I so try to do the right thing, but there's something about you that just sends me in the opposite direction. It's not gonna turn out well. There are no happy endings in our future.
Man: I know that.
Woman: Do you?

Man: Should I ever call you if I'm in London?
Woman: No. No way. You wouldn't recognize me anyway.

Woman: I was in hospital for six months.
Man: You were alone.
Woman: Yes.
Man: You shouldn't have been alone.
Woman: I wanted to be alone.
Man: You should have called me.
Woman: I thought of calling you. I almost called you.
Man: You should have called me. I would have come.
Woman: I know. I knew. I liked knowing that.

Man: If I told you I still loved you, that I always loved you, that I loved you to distraction, would you leave him?
Woman: No.


And now I have other things that I have to do or else I'll be annoyed with myself later.


Feb. 23rd, 2008 02:09 am
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Some hints for Round 2 before I go to bed...if you thought you knew one that hasn't been guessed yet, this is your chance to confirm it ;-)

Lost in Translation
Match Point
Adrian Lyne's Lolita

These are all movies that all of you should see, by the way. Tadpole is hysterical and smart and has the amazing Bebe Neuirth in it, Match Point is thriller and lust and Woody Allen and Scarlett Johannson and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, and Possession is wonderful novel turned lovely movie, and that version of Lolita is the most wonderful adaptation of the book that could possibly exist and has Jeremy Irons, and Election is also hysterical and has Reese Witherspoon and Matthew Broderick, and...well... you get the idea.



Feb. 16th, 2008 05:18 pm
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I forgot how heartbreaking this movie is, and just why it's one of my absolute favorites. The first time I saw it was my junior year of college, less than a year after Dan and I had started dating. I didn't even get through the first twenty minutes before I nearly lost it and almost couldn't keep watching. It was so beautiful, though, that I had to. Not to mention, I never would have heard the end of it if I had to stop watching just because it just hurt too much to imagine losing Dan like that.

Is that kind of an occupational hazard of soul mates? One's not much without the other?

I guess this is why it's been so long since I last watched it. I'm only not a wreck right now because I'm also doing laundry and typing on this and keeping myself otherwise occupied.

-Sometimes when you win, you lose.
-Sometimes when we lose, we win.


I want it all, as long as it's with you.

For anybody who hasn't read the novel:

And the movie:

Edit: Speaking of heartbreaking movies that I can't handle I have my Lost in Translation DVD in, and the previews are playing. Have any of you seen 21 Grams? Brilliant movie that I will never be able to watch ever ever again because it just hurts too much.
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I never posted pictures from when Melissa and Will came to visit me. I very much love Melissa and Will.

We're just too cute together ;-)

And a last, more recent, one of me:

Also, movie I made this icon from? Gorgeous and bizarre. The new(est) Steven Shainberg film, FUR: an imaginary portrait of Diane Arbus. If you like Secretary, SEE. IT. Nicole Kidman and Robert Downey Jr. and Erin Cressida Wilson script and Steven Shainberg direction. See. It.
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I recently-ish bought a new address book, and I know I have a lot of outdated addresses for people. Since I'm probably going to be moving relatively soon, I'd like to get updated ones (and birthdays, please...I'm terrible at keeping track of birthdays)--don't assume I have your address, basically. I want to put them straight from this entry into my blank address book. If you don't mind me having your address, I would love for you to leave it. All comments are screened, of course.

Also, just saw a film called Conversation(s) With Other Women with Aaron Eckhardt and Helena Bonham Carter. It's really amazing. The script is very theatre-like, and it's filmed split-screen with a very unique and fantastic take on it.
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How is this nowhere on my f'list? You're all slacking! (Edit: especially since it was released over a month ago!)

Jesus Camp trailer, and assorted clips on YouTube:

My aunt's okay...half of her face is broken, in addition to a large number of non-facial bones, but she's okay, and my mom talked to her today. The bus claims to have only been going five miles an hour. BS. Also, it was going around a curve uphill and ended up in her lane, so it was a head-on collision, and apparently bus accidents have been relatively common in SF lately because busses like to pretend they own the road. Like drivers in Kalamazoo (I was so pissed at people in cars today. So pissed). Somebody else recently won a million dollar suit, in fact.

A+ video - What it really means to be an Evangelical
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Well, fall has definitely made its mark. The first home football game of WMU's season was last night (otherwise known as Comm-University night), and it was pretty crappy weather for a game so far as how it's been lately, but it was the perfect fall weather for a football game. Now I'm sitting on the couch typing this up, and I've actually pulled my fleece blanket back out to begin it's six or seven month stay on the couch.

It's been a pretty uneventful week, really. We went to Bronco Bash Friday evening and talked about how it just gets worse and worse every year. The best was my freshman year, of course. I don't really think it was ever better than that one. It was also kind of strange because they moved it from the Fine Arts Village over by Miller over to the flag pole/Sangren/Faunce area. We also rented Dear Wendy a few days ago, and it was definitely quite a twisted little piece of work, though a rather lovely film, regardless (of course, Lars von Trier wrote it, so of course it was...that's what I seem to say about every movie of his I've seen--which reminds me...I apparently haven't harassed Dan enough to bring Dogville back to Kalamazoo with him...I only half bought it for him ;-)). I also finally got Dan to see Monsoon Wedding last night--I think I've been trying for about two years...and he admitted it wasn't the terrible thing he was expecting (his words being, "I thought it was going to be like My Big Fat Greek Wedding! You can't blame me!" I haven't seen that movie, so I can't comment). He also finally rented Motorcycle Diaries last week, as I've been the one resisting the rental of that and finally gave in (we've about killed video rental at Video Hits...there are about four that we've wanted to rent for forever but people have stolen them and we keep hope out that they'll come back, but aside from those we've pretty much depleted VHP as a rental resource). He got maybe half an hour in before giving up on it with "Ugh...why did I want to rent this?"

Tonight is definitely laundry night, tomorrow is a long day at work, and Tuesday will be an exceptionally long day--in to work early so that I can finish early and pick up the new MZD book before I have to be back at CiP at noon for the trip down to the Buffett concert, and then another bright and early workday on Wednesday. I'm really not looking forward to the actual concert part Tuesday (I hear more than enough Buffett at work), but I am looking forward to an evening with people from work I really like.

Edit: I just discovered that I can import these entries to Facebook, so I guess I should start actually titling things ;-)


May. 18th, 2005 11:08 pm
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So how many of us with gmail end up at at least once a week?

*raises hand*

In other randomness...apparently tonight is Reese Witherspoon night. I started out with Election (which I hadn't seen in ages, and it makes good background noise for cleaning), and I just put Cruel Intentions in (for the same reasons)...

...and I still haven't completely watched/returned Vanity Fair. It was due Monday :-P
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hehehe...I managed to weasel my way into working a double on Thursday. Background: I generally work Thursday evenings. This week is one of the comedy shows, and I was scheduled to work the afternoon, for some odd reason. Kathy called me this morning and left me a message saying she screwed up when she made the schedule and can't serve because her and Phil (she's the general manager and Phil is the owner, but she serves and Phil bartends...which I have huge issues with because the servers and bartenders would love to take over the shifts they work) have to seat people, could I work the comedy show, I'd be first off after it was over and she guesses that she could work my afternoon shift instead. I called her back when I got the message and told her I'd be happy to work the comedy show. When she sounded relieved at that I told her, "I could still work my afternoon shift, too, unless you want to work it for me." She sounded really surprised at that and said, "Yeah...if you really don't mind."

I'm happy :-D Five shifts...yay! This will be a nearly 12-hour double. I haven't done one of those in a very long time, but the 10-hour shift I recently worked wasn't bad, so this shouldn't be too bad, either. I wish I could weasel my way into extra hours like this every week. Just as an aside for Andrea: I guess the comedians we have coming in this week and next week are guys that have done the Bob and Tom show. It should be interesting at the very least.

...and now I must go and return movies. Maybe I'll rent another as well. Tomorrow I need to buy Anna more mealworms, too. I've no more, she's nearly eaten all the ones I put out for her tonight, and she needs to eat more tomorrow, of course!

I'm rather tired, so I'm slightly loopy right now. I apologise for that.

For the record: I am indebted to whomever it was that mentioned watching the POTO DVD in French was far preferable to the English. Unfortunately they matched the voices for the Phantom and Christine far too well with Gerard and Emmy, but Carlotta and various others are much better. Even with the Phantom and Christine you're too distracted by the different language to care too much about the voices. I don't speak French, so I can't be distressed by things like awful Gerard vowels.
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Leave it to movie fan idiots to make me giggle when I'm not in a great mood. I must thank Christine a million times over for creating these icons I'm now using in the

Edit: Also, I need to remember that if I get my homework done as soon as I possibly can I can play online without fearing I won't finish said homework.

Edit 2: If I get nothing else out of this class, at least I was introduced to the nonexistant word "entertainmentism." Which reminds me: word made up years ago that I on/off remember and love: "idiocity."


May. 9th, 2005 03:35 pm
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So Dan and I rented Phantom last night, and I was horribly depressed by it, and couldn't even bring myself to say how pretty it was by the end. I really wish the video store had the double because there's no way I'll waste my money on buying it, but I really want to see the special features. Halfway through I was wondering "Is it almost done yet?" Dan was getting angry, too, and about all he could muster was "She's pretty," "He's sexy," and "oooh...legs..." when Emmy stepped out of the boat. Like I said, "Yeah she's got nice legs, but look at that lack-of figure." The girl's got no curves, even in a corset!

Oh...other thing that watching this movie makes me think of, but I keep forgetting to mention: Meg (in the movie, not in life...she's not as pretty in real life as she is in the movie) looks a helluva lot like [ profile] seamusmcfly. All I can think of when she comes onscreen is, "Damn she looks like Elizabeth!"

We also rented "Ulysses," but I wasn't paying too much attention to it because I don't like seeing movies like that before I read the books.

And now I need to finish my homework :-P
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KittenOfTheAlley: major annoyance: WHERE THE FUCK IS RALPH FIENNES?!?!
Kyrie Truant: VOLDEMORT! we can't see VOLDEMORT!
KittenOfTheAlley: YES we can!
Kyrie Truant: we can't see voldemort until the movie opens, dork!
KittenOfTheAlley: I want to see SEXY VOLDIE!
Kyrie Truant: we will, but we shouldn't
KittenOfTheAlley: I'm going to get the dark mark tattooed on my ass with the innitials RF
Kyrie Truant: ROFLMFAO!


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