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This is quite possibly the most amusing of the set, and from [ profile] vox_diabolica.

I am always torn between whether I love it or I hate it. I understand that largely my relocations have been for the better (excepting the Sterling Heights relocation...I was not happy there in any way, shape, or form), and they advance who I am and what I want to do. Aside from moving to Michigan with my family when I was 12.5, this is my biggest move right now, and Dan's, too. I see this is a major opportunity for what I want to do with my life, and I've always wanted to live in a real city. Even though I've spent most of my life in smaller towns I never feel more alive than when I'm driving into a bigger city. I like being able to walk everywhere if I want to, and I like the variety of places and things to do. I am certain this is not where I will stay, but I think it's the right next step for both Dan and I, and so I'm embracing it. The apartment thing sucks, though, as those of you on my Facebook are probably getting thoroughly annoyed with ;-) The apartment I have not found yet will be the sixth apartment I'll have lived in in the past two years (and that's not including all the long-term hotel stays).

I hate beards and facial hair...HATE them--just ask Dan. When he first had to grow one for the Shakespeare Festival I wanted to cry (and laugh...he's German blond hair/blue eyes, but he's also Scottish and his beard grows in's a very amusing dissonance). Every winter after that, until this past one, he always liked growing it out. Now that he has realized how ridiculous it is to have one in his line of work I am ecstatic.

Girls in ties
I'm indifferent, probably because I've actually worked in a restaurant where I've had to wear ties, and I've seen it in so many restaurants that I don't even think twice about it. Dan always got a kick out of my uniform when I worked at that restaurant because suddenly I had to learn how to tie a tie and wear one after he had been forced to wear them throughout his high school years. I don't mind wearing them, and I think when done correctly they can look really cute on girls. I love my Ravenclaw tie, of course, but that's something different entirely--HP house pride because I'm obsessed like that ;-)

Phantom of the Opera
I first heard the soundtrack to the ALW musical the final choir class of my freshman year of high school. Fast forward a little under a year and I became OBSESSED. I learned what the show was and bought the soundtrack. My best friend in high school and I would read phanphic online (I didn't have a computer at that time, so she'd print things out for me to read), and I discovered it was a book, too! I read the Leroux novel and fell even more in love with the story. I tracked down other versions of the story (oh, I adore Susan Kay's, still). I went to see it in Toronto for the first time when I was 16 with a family I babysat for, I watched movies based on the story. I think I love it so much because of a lot of things. I identified with Christine's solitude and loneliness, and there's something about obsessive love that stirs me, especially in this case because he heard potential in her voice and took her under his wing as teacher/student. I liked that their story wasn't perfect, I liked that the characters were all so deeply flawed, and I loved the passion and the intensity and the simultaneous innocence and horror that played so well against each other. I'd always loved the Beauty and the Beast stories, and I'd always loved the Persephone and Hades stories, and this was a wonderful rendering of the same idea. Like every obsessed high school soprano I really wanted to act/sing the role of Christine onstage someday. I know that it would be terribly unlikely to happen now, but that's okay.

Godzilla v. King Kong
I can't answer that because I actually don't know anything about either. I've never seen the movies, I really don't know the stories. Sorry!


May. 24th, 2008 03:09 pm
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Have I ever mentioned how much I hatehatehatehatehate moving and unpacking? Because sucks. Especially since now I have everything (which means sorting through clothes I've had packed away for years and deciding what needs to finally go) and I have a washer/dryer I'm not paying per load for. I've been working for a week on getting every piece of laundry we own washed and put away between 10-12 hour work days, extra work stuff, and unpacking the rest of the boxes (and the occasional load of work clothes laundry since I don't have enough work clothes to typically get me through a stretch of work days).

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Things to do today which may or may not actually happen:

-Go into work even though I don't work and set up a few server interviews for Thursday
-Treat self to amazing new Calypso Salad and Blackberry Sangria at work after interviews scheduled because they are the most amazing things we serve right now
-Move things from other apartment
-Buy food and other things (sangrias! and porch furniture!) from Meijer
-Get myself a new digital camera, finally, as I adore my other one, but it's four years old and not as good as it once was, and I have federal refund money
-Set up my altars
-Put books away
-We need a coffee table, so coax Dan to furniture store
-Maybe cook out for dinner and eat and drink sangrias on the porch, yay!

I obviously feel about a million times better today, as I am far more ambitious than usual on a day off, and I predict that I will be back to perfectly normal health by tomorrow. Whee!
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The Waterfront was a complete bust--it's a little too yuppie for me :-P They have a business casual dress code, and even though the sushi was really really great the atmosphere was too stuffy and blah. I'd only go there because they serve oysters on the half shell (and oh my were they amazing).

I don't tell my mom how often I eat sushi/sashimi/raw oysters/etc. She's already a constant stream of "oh be careful! Raw fish will kill you!"--okay, not quite that bad, but along those general lines ;-)

I have photos of the restaurant and the Cincy skyline. I can't seem to find any online that do it justice--the blues and oranges and whites and yellows's just so colorful, and so breathtaking as you're driving up on it! I'll get better pics of the skyline next time I go into Newport (it's a little further east than Covington, and the angle is better). Maybe tomorrow night--it is hospitality night, after all. How can I resist half off raw seafood? O;-) We'll see how tired I am when I get out of work. I really want to just finish the last His Dark Materials book, too.

I'm sleepy. I have a pretty major work meeting in Sandusky, at one of the Cedar Point resorts (Castaway Bay), on Tuesday. They're rolling out the new management Quality of Life "packages"--new salary raise opportunities, we actually get a handful of personal days per year, and some other things. I don't completely like everything I've heard for the raise opps, but we'll see what they have for us at the meeting (I really shouldn't know as much as I do already, but our Partner was telling me today). I'm a little miffed that I have to close on Monday night (hopefully it looks like last Monday night and I'm out around 11:15) and then be on the road by 7am so that I can grab food and make the four+ hour trip by noon. We're apparently getting an "early dinner" during the meeting, and then we're supposed to go out and compete in laser tag and bowling afterwards :-P I'm going straight into a three and a half hour drive into K'zoo after Sandusky, so unfortunately I can't carpool with the guys (Mike and John--the Bar manager and KM), and I really doubt I'll be up for laser tag or bowling before. I'm really hoping the K'zoo and Lansing KMs are going to be there Tuesday. I love all the FOH managers at all the MI stores, so I don't care which ones are there--I'll be happy to see any of them. It will be nice to at least meet some of the other Ohio managers, I suppose, given I may be working with any of them at some point in the near future.

Oh! Cincy extended another week or two. I'm pretty sure I'll be here through Mark's vacation time (which starts the 4th of October). I'm pretty pleased with that arrangement. I...really need to get to Sterling and pack my apartment up. Damn. My lease is up October 31st. Yay. I don't know what to do with my stuff. Fuck. Storage near my parents, I suppose? Ugh.
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More apartment pics! I just got a couch today, too :-D

Yay for furnishings! )

In K'zoo the owls were on a lovely round table with a green tablecloth over it and a hand-embroidered cloth that my dad's mom made for me, but it feels right where they are now. I suppose I'll leave the table empty until I find a really nice Athena statue for it.
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I took these a couple of nights ago. Today I move the real furniture There are so many closets/storage space that it's a little absurd...a coat closet at the entrance, a huge walk-in closet/storage room attached to the dining room, a linen closet by the bathroom, and the bedroom closet is the length of the room.

The living room (from the door:

more apartment pics... )
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I hate apartment hunting in an area I know nothing about and that I can't visit to explore because it's nearly five hours away.


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