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I'll do one more quick one before I grab a shower and head off to more apartment-hunting :-P

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

Five from [ profile] eriksangel15:

4.48 psychosis: This is completely the fault of [ profile] bethofalltrades...well...after my Theatre History II teacher, Michelle. Michelle introduced me to Phaedra's Love which is quite a wild piece of shock theatre by Sarah Kane. I then proceeded to read Blasted, also in the same vein and in the book I had borrowed from the library, and then I found out that Beth loved Sarah Kane and had an extra copy of her complete works that she proceeded to send me to read. I fell head-over-heels for 4.48 Psychosis. Since then I've dreamed of one day being involved in a production of it. I would both like to direct it and act in it (though not in the same production). It's dark and twisted and honest and raw and wonderful. I have a director's book in constant progress for the play, and I pick it up and work on it every now and again when I get a bug to.

Arlene Hutton: pulled from my interests list, and apparently I need to update them! I directed a play by Arlene Hutton my final year in college. I hadn't done any directing for a while, and I was really involved with other stuff for my archaeology classes, so it wasn't what it should have been, but the play is really dark and great. Like the above--very raw and real and fantastic. The play is called I Dream Before I Take the Stand and it's about a woman who was sexually assaulted (it never makes clear if she was actually raped or not), and she's having a dream (more like a nightmare) about the trial and interrogation before she actually takes the stand herself.

Mark Z. Danielewski: Oh, MZD, how I adore you! *coughs* has written two of my personal absolute top ten novels ever--House of Leaves and Only Revolutions. HoL took him ten years to write, and OR took him six years. They are both extremely involved puzzles of books. HoL is mostly faux academia (which I'll go into below since it is also a topic) with a wild story woven in on top of it, and OR is a stream-of-conscious joy ride across history and across the country (and a love story to end all love stories--not nearly happily ever after, but kinda in it's own twisted way). I'm actually using a piece from Only Revolutions for my vows at my wedding--that chapter of the book made me cry when I read beautiful and true. I've been to see him on book tour twice (once with [ profile] peazgrl1545 in Chicago, and once in Columbus on my way from Cincy to Kalamazoo last year). One day I will get the OR symbol as a tattoo, and it will really be the perfect compliment to Dan's Ulysses "Yes" tattoo.

10th Kingdom: I saw The 10th Kingdom when it first aired on NBC in the spring of 2000! The whole damn thing. All five nights. I had seen the previews and knew I would love it so much that I started recording the whole thing from day one so I didn't have to wait for video of it to be released and in my hands. My friend at the time and I were hopelessly crushing on Wolfy, and we were quoting it all over the place, and we were writing silly fanfics about it...we were crazy about it! Nine years later I still get giddy and silly over it. I LOVE IT!!! "Love of my life, let down your lustrous locks!" And..."This meat is dangerously overcooked! When I say rare, I mean let it look at the oven in terror and then bring it out to me! *rawr*" hehehehe...I'm such a dork. It's the perfect real life meets fairy tale story, and it's such an adorable and adult version. I could still, to this day, sit down and watch the entire seven and a half hours in one sitting...I kid you not.

House of Leaves: MZD's first novel. This book tells the story of a house bigger on the inside than on the outside (to put it simply). There is a bunch of faux academia surrounding this part of the story, and you also get journal entry footnotes that go on for pages from the person who found the manuscript and is currently reading it (I love stories within stories). The story goes that anyone who has the manuscript is driven slowly insane...but I'm really over simplifying it. This book has grabbed so many people, and there is SO MUCH to the book, that there are grad level university courses on the thing. People obsess over the book. This book involves almost any subject of study you can think's really wild, and it's not hard to see how it took ten years to complete.
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New icon! I <3 Hendricks. Obviously. And now there's somewhere in Kalamazoo that serves it...for only $5! And it's the sushi restaurant! I can't even express my delight right now.

I had Indian food for lunch in Kentucky yesterday with the Partner of the Cincy CiP. It was good, but I compare everything to Saffron, it seems. They used sweeter spices at this place, and Saffron's staples are more earthy--I prefer the earthier flavors. The buffet was awesome, though--it had a great selection. Also, my boss used to work in fine dining and has a real passion for the industry--I love that, and he always has interesting stories. After lunch I finally went to the Creation Museum. It was really rather "eh" to me, as I'm really not terribly familiar with the Bible. It's also actually pretty sparse, aside from the gorgeous botanical gardens outside. I think I would have had far more fun if I would have had somebody to boggle at it with who is either far meaner than I, or who knows the Bible a lot better than I do. The place really stumped, amused, and terrified me. The reasonings are obviously warped, but there's practically no real explanations for things--just questions intended to place doubt about the sciences' findings and reasonings. My camera is full of pictures from it, but I need to resize and upload them. I won't post the actual images on my journal, as there are too many, and because I need them to stay a reasonably large size for people to be able to read the signs I took photos of. There are way too many dinosaurs, too. I did learn some things, though, if you take the God-spin off of them. The planetarium show, minus sayings like "Nebulae are God's artwork," was actually pretty interesting and informative. It was really terrifying, though, to see families there really getting into it and discussing things. In the "Valley of Corruption" area (LOL!) there was a speaker stating a handful of random statistics like "The average parent only spends 30 minutes a day with their children" and "One in three pregnancies end in abortion," and there was a family holding a discussion about these things. Granted, I find the parent/children statistic as sad and disturbing as your average evangelical, but the tidbits I overheard from these families really drove in the reality that many of these children are home-schooled and are being brought up with these things as solid fact. These children are practically brainwashed and not given the opportunity to question any of it. I have absolutely no grudge against a believer of any religion (as I'm religious myself, even though it's not of the Christian variety), but it saddens and disturbs me when people aren't given the opportunity to question and decide things for themselves.

Anyway...enough of that. After the CM I went to Ohio State in Columbus to see MZD read and speak. The professor who introduced him obviously didn't know much about him (couldn't say his name, which you can find a pronunciation of anywhere online, only mentioned him writing "two books"--what about T50YS?!, etc...). MZD started by saying he's been into revisiting things a lot lately, and how he recently reread HoL again and one part suddenly struck him as talking about OR. He read one of Johnny's footnotes (from May 1998, I believe--I'll have to look up the date...I wrote it down), and then three parts from OR--Sam (when Hailey suggests leaving St. Louis), Hailey (the section or two right after the Sam one he read), and Sam's final section ("Ever Sixteen"). I wanted to die right there when he started saying "And now I'm going to commit a terrible treason and read from the end of the book" because I knew I was going to start crying in the middle of it...which, of course, I did. I had him sign the opposite side of my hardcover (he signed the Hailey side in Chicago last year), and bought the paperback to have him sign for Dan. Side note: he remembered us from Chicago, Julie! I added my own inscription to Dan on the dedication page of the other side and gave it to him today. Oh! Also, the person in front of me bought the paperback as a wedding gift for some friends of his that are getting married on Saturday. MZD asked him how he wanted him to sign it, and after he found out it was for a wedding gift he signed really sweet personalized messages--one for the bride on Hailey's side and one for the groom on Sam's side. It was really awesome. After the reading/signing I drove back to Kalamazoo and am now wasting time at the coffeeshop until Dan is finished with work.

I'm sure I've rambled on for quite long enough, so I'll leave you with a couple of pictures--my new autograph, and the one I wrote for Dan. I'd post the one I had taken with me and MZD, but I look stoned, even though I'm obviously not, so I won't :-P I outlined the o's and "Gold" in my inscription for Dan in yellow after I took this picture. The quote in my second one--the "Faster baby. Let'S never stop." was from one of the readings he did. As soon as he said it, I knew I wanted to do this for Dan because it was so perfect and so us.

...because, as silly and romanticized as it is, he really is my own Leftwrist Twist of Gold.
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September 26th I will be going to Ohio State University in Columbus for an MZD event. Anybody close enough to want to join me? heeeee. PA is four and a half hours away, but it's tempting to request the 26th AND 27th off (a perfect week-straddling two days--Wed/Thur, given our weeks run from Thur-Wed) and request to close the 28th so that I can go to both the OSU event AND the Pittsburgh event (even though it's four and a half hours away and I would obviously need to get a hotel room for the night of the 27th and drive back way early on the 28th...but it's MZD. Only some of you understand the lengths I would go to for this--ones I wouldn't go for a lot of other things). This would also turn a couple of my four day Kalamazoo weekends into three-day weekends, but that's a sacrifice I'm COMPLETELY willing to make for this (sorry, know I love you).

O Sam no, I could never walk away from you.

--Wander every path.
     Only you can. But grasp:
        none may ever accompany you.

Now I HAVE to find T50YS on eBay and bite my tongue and buy the damned book regardless of the $70ish price tag and have it delivered to my hotel :-D

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O Sam no, I could never walk away from you.

I just finished Only Revolutions and I'm a little bit heartbroken. It's one of a very small number of books that made me cry at the end. And I finished it in public and just wanted to sob. But obviously I couldn't. Seeing the bookmarks with nowhere else to go hurt a bit, too.

I obviously want to reread it, but I don't know how long it will take me before I can pick it up again.

And suddenly the world turned, warmed, and was worth it.

Now I get the inscription MZD wrote in my book. It was the perfect thing to see after I finished, at least. It made the fall (ha) a little bit easier to handle.

O Hailey no, I could never walk away from you.

And that which I can't believe I'm saying, and anybody should have known was coming...I adore this book. In fact, the book I was so terrified that I was going to be disappointed by has eclipsed House of Leaves.

...those Green eyes with flecks of Gold...
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Okay, so there is a second English print of T50YS out finally (the other MZD book)-- but he's been on record as saying there will probably be a US printing of it at some point in the future, but how far into the future nobody has a clue.

*pouts* I really wish I could validate paying $60 for a book right now to myself--especially a short story that actually only spans 50 of the 100 pages, except for the occasional illustration...and the fact that it's an MZD book. I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant it nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I feel like Veruca Salt ;-) I finally borrowed The Whalestoe Letters from the library last week. I've been meaning to just buy it since I read HoL, but it never seems to be at the bookstore when I'm in a book-buying mood, so I figured I'd borrow it from the library just so I can finally read it...and now I'm doubting my decision because I like to write extensively in his I realize why I didn't just borrow it sooner...damnit! I'm off now. I think I'm going to shower, go to the bookstore and possibly shell out $10 if B&N happens to have a copy of Whalestoe Letters at the moment (they may because of the OR release) and sit and read and possibly finish OR. I actually had a dream about it last night.

In other news, I just read two very amusing books last week, both about the parts of the industry I'm not so familiar with: Kitchen Confidential and The Perfect Manhattan. The first is by a chef who started out as a dishwasher in a small restaurant in Provincetown and then moved onto the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) and has worked at innumerable places since. It was well-written and hysterical and by a true veteran of the kitchen. The second is a fictional novel (very easy read, a bit fluffy, but...what do you expect) based on actual experience of two Manhattan bartenders who also worked at a Hamptons hotspot.

Again, it's finally time for me to finish OR. I don't want to keep dreaming about it until I finish it...though I'm sure it will never leave me alone. It just has affected me that much. It's actually the most personally affecting book I've ever read.
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I'm tired and I start training at Francois' tonight, so this is just going to be a quicky...I'll post a real update later. Suffice it to say, if you haven't listened to my last voice post, you really should--it sums the end of the trip up pretty nicely :-P

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Oct. 10th, 2006 06:52 pm
littlelotte: (OR)'s set! [ profile] peazgrl1545 and I are going to see MZD tomorrow in Chicago. So. Excited.

I think this means I need to charge my camera before I forget completely about it.
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LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

I win!

I like to take my time with certain books. Digest them slowly and let them simmer in my head between sittings; not read them all at once--usually this happens with books that become all-time favorites. It took me three months to work through House of Leaves, about three weeks to work through Lolita, about a month or so to work through Possession, and just this evening I hit the point in Only Revolutions where the o's met. Where the bookmarks met. Each one left me shattered for a few minutes and temporarily unable to continue. I just gazed...amazed. Books so rarely hit me so deeply. It amazes me how MZD manages to write things that strike me so earthshatteringly that I can't even bring myself to continue reading for a bit. And they're always the smallest and simplest things...yet, at the same time, the most groundbreaking things. I'm silly with my books. I'm always scared to lend them out because I do things like write in them and highlight things. I never know whether I want the person I'm loaning it to to discover things on their own, like I did, or help them along...I'm never quite sure that I want to give so much of myself away either. I bought Dan his own copy of HoL because I just couldn't bear to part with mine. I loaned my copy of Phantom to someone who was a friend at the time and never got it back because they said they accidentally caused it some injury in the time they had it. They got me another copy--and a more "valuable" one (all years after it had been out of print)...but I was still heartbroken and just wanted my other copy back, regardless of battle scars, because of how much of myself was in it.

...and now it's late, and now I've been babbling on, so I should go to bed. I have work bright and early in the morning, and a long week ahead of me. Note to self, speaking of OR: I should call Julie tomorrow and see if she ended up getting Wednesday off...

Our Leftwrist Twists of Gold too.
Sticking US together.

--Everyone dreams the Dream
                                             but we are it.
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Not all is dead here. Thereupon a scorching ridge, flanks frosted, head lifted--my horse!...offering me his back mane and gallop off. Which I refuse. By holding onto Hailey. So leaving behind all of me. Higher on to alpine meadows--groves of powder...oblivious to all, to all promising oblivion. Hailey's my oblivion. For once. And allways. Beyond even Time's front. Because now We are out of time. We are at once.

I didn't even try to format that to the book, because I'm listening to the KGB Bar reading and did it from there.
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Readings and Q&A at Columbia University in New York.

Allmighty sixteen and freeeeeeee.
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Okay, so Jenny agreed to take my admin shift on Wednesday, Oct. 11th. Now who wants to rent a car with me and go to Chicago for the MZD OR reading/book signing? Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase? It would be a fun day trip! We'd leave really early and then stay however late we wanted to. I'd obviously have to return the car early the next morning and then work, but we all know I've worked longer days than Thursdays on very little sleep before.

We could rent a vaguely cool car and have lots of fun in Chicago and we'd get to meet MZD. You know you want to! I know there are people on my flist that want to do this! You know you want to! DO IT!

Edit: Whine whine whine! It starts at seven at the Hopleaf Bar, and Dan wouldn't be able to go with me because it's 21+ *pouts*
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So it seems from speculation that Hailey is one of the parade of women Johnny Truant slept with in HoL! She apparently appears on page 151 in HoL. I haven't had a chance to look it up yet, though, so I don't really have anything of my own to jump in with.

Edit: Finally got the scan on the feed to work. It's when the "editor" is talking about HoL being put online, and then some of the email responses to/about Johnny. A girl named Hailey was one of those who responded...

I think Johnny was a little off here. I wanted to write and tell you about it. We actually had a pretty rad time (though his screams were really weird and definately scarred me.) He was very sweet and really gentle and kinda crude too but we still had a lot of fun. It did hurt my feelings the part about my breath. Tell him Ive been brushing my teeth more and trying to quit smoking. But one part he didn't mention. He said the nicest things about my wrists. I was sorry to hear he disappeared. Do you know what happened to him?
--Hailey. February 13, 1999.

I imagine she appears elsewhere in the book, too, if this was her "response" to the book, but I really don't know where. The wrist comment is right in line with OR Hailey, so it's very possible that the person that came up with this theory isn't too far off a truth.
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Mark Z Danielewski
Only Revolutions

Though is it ever too late to destroy the World? )


Beside him I'm uniquely free.

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*squeals all fangirlishly* I have the book, I have the book! Yay! I've been occasionally lettling out random squeals of joy. I can't start reading quite yet, and I don't know who to start with! Should I read Sam first or Hailey first? I'm at a loss! I'm going to be going into the restaurant asking people "S or H?" or something...*grins*

Now to get ready for the concert. It's a lousy day for a concert at DTE, unfortunately :-(

I'm sooooooooooo tiiiiiiiiiiiiired!
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It's quarter after five and I can't really sleep, even though I should. I have a very long day ahead of me.

Not much special has been happening around here. Much drama within the management team at work, but aside from that, it's been quiet around here. I really don't care for all the kids being back :-\ A few of them will become enamoured with the town and stick around for a while--like me--and realize the good things that exist here, but most of them will come and go with the semesters and leave as soon as their last class is done, or they walk across that stage. They bring a lot of young, disposable income into a town very much split between people with lots of old money and Pfizer money and lots of people with no money at all, so it's good for the local economy, but that's about it. They also tend to be ridiculously obnoxious, and I often wonder if the trade-off is worth it. So many people who will never know the joy of spending an evening listening to music and sipping drinks at The Union, who will never discover the amazing food at Cosmo's, who will never go to more than one or two exhibits at the KIA and will never go to an Art's kind of sad, actually. There are so many little gems, and so many people don't take the time to discover them.

I was considering actually going out and doing theatre again this season, but I haven't seen any shows listed by the local theatres yet that make me feel like pulling out my old monologue notebook, really. ...
Time is ticking down...the official release is at noon, EST. I'm very excited to pick my copy up, especially since we're not leaving the restaurant for the concert until two now, because Jenny has class until 1:45. Now I'll have time to pick my copy up AND get a couple hours of reading in.

Now it's five-thirty and I'm thinking I should just stay up, shower, and go in at seven. Then I'll really be done early because nobody will be there to harass me into doing things yet, and I can just take a nap after. It's kind of funny how much work I get done without even realizing it, apparently, and how much more I get done when I don't have phone calls and management harassing me to do things for them. I spent the better part of an hour after work yesterday trying to figure out what it was that John wanted me to do for him, and I just now realized what it was and that I did it right when he mentioned it. ha.

Anyway...I'm off now. Maybe I'll go ahead and shower now and get breakfast at Nina's in an hour and then go in and get my stuff done early and quickly.

Because I’m slowing here.
Because I feer the irreparable loss
of holding someone dear.

—We’re the unmended, the untended, cold soldiers of the shoe.
We’re the neglected, the never resurrected, agonies of the few.
We’re the once kissed, unmissed and allways refused.
Because we’re the unfinished
and feered and we’re never pursued.

For a greater economy shall follow US and it will be outdone.
And a greater autonomy shall follow US and it too will be outdone.
And a greater feeling shall follow Love and it too we will blow to dust.
For I am longings without trust. The cycloidal haste
freedom from Hailey forever wastes.
Dust cares for only dust.
And time only for US.

Because I am too soon.
Because without her
I am Only Revolutions of ruin.

We are allways sixteen


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