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New home :-D

LOTS of photos below! )

And now to get ready for a 13-hour day at work...yay! :-P


Nov. 14th, 2008 02:55 pm
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I posted about this a while ago, but here are some photos of the rings we bought...

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So...I got some Ravenclaw patches last December, and I finally put one on my tie...hehehe...

I know the movie won't be out until July, but I want to have some level of completion on my Ravenclaw uniform soon just in case they decide to do some sort of special release for the Tales of Beedle the Bard book in December.

Other than that, nothing special has been happening in my life. I've been working obscenely much, even at home, and spent a few hours on both my days off at the restaurant this week. I'm nearly done with all the training stuff, and will be having a trainer meeting next week before I leave for Cincy. After that, I have a couple of smaller things I want to put together for work while I'm out of town, and then I think I'll be pretty happy with where everything's headed.

A little random, but on my mind recently. A lot of restaurant jobs look for people with at least two years experience in the position they are hiring for. After nearly six years in the business it makes complete sense to me. It took me around two or three solid years to feel truly comfortable as a server. I'm starting to round in on two years in management, and I finally am feeling like I've gotten my feet under me, for the most part. It's a nice feeling. I've worked extremely hard, but I really feel that it's all been worth it. Mind you, I'm nowhere near finished with the hard work part of it--I still have a lot to do--but I'm so much more comfortable with how to do things and how to go about things.

I also realized how brilliant OSI's benefits plan is. After one year with the company you get one week of paid vacation. Every six months after that you get one more week. Once you hit five years with the company you get one week paid vacation every three months. After five years I can see one being exceptionally sick of everything, but when you get a paid vacation every three months, how can you really care? Final vacation in year four and six months of hell. Vacation heaven. Six weeks later you're ready to throttle everybody again, but who cares? In six more weeks you get another week of relief! It's brilliant!

Okay, I have things to do before work, but I wanted to say hello. Hope all is going well with you, f'list!


Jul. 3rd, 2008 05:45 am
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Really really quick update before I get ready to go back to work :-(

Cutest photo of Molly ever taken yesterday morning:

We had a small cookout on our front porch and a massive storm yesterday with a very temporary flood outside...
"Look at that monster swimming across the road!"
"It's the Loch Ness monster!"
"Ha! It does look like the Loch Ness."
"It's the Lock Shop monster!" (as the unseen building to the right of the photo is a lock shop):

Okay...done with the silliness for now, but more to come later...
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Lease signed!

Our new apartment! *squeals*

Our front door:

Let's take a tour! )

YAY! So excited! More pictures to follow once all our stuff is moved in :-D

Contact info updated here if you're on the filter. If you're not on the filter, but you think you should be, let me know! We're already planning on having an apartment warming party within the next month. We can have people over again! People can stay over! I'm so happy right now :-D Hail Hestia!
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I had a dress appointment at the dress shop downtown today, so...more dresses this way!

Also, we went venue hunting yesterday:
Photos of the KIA and Stuart Avenue Inn...

I figured I spare you all on this journal, so those are the links to the entries in the journal I'm using for all the planning stuff.

Any of you are welcome to friend [ profile] lindsdan if you feel like following along in detail about my planning. I also have it embedded on my website at I'll post occasional stuff like this in here, though.


Mar. 12th, 2008 01:04 am
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I looked at dresses for the first time today. I'm being lazy, so all you get is a link to the folder with the resized photos rather than a picture post ;-)
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Yesterday was (supposed to be) my first day of vacation. Due to family issues, our FOH manager couldn't do the Taste of the Chamber event for the Chamber of Commerce with Nick. I got a frantic phone call from Nick about this at about 1:30 while downtown at breakfast with Dan, Erin, and John (Erin is one of Dan's very close friends/co-worker/boss, and John is another of their group). I did the "I really do care about my job" thing and forfeited my first day of vacation to work the event with Nick. We took some of our spinach and crab dip and some of our spicy queso dip, dressed all nice and played friendly with the Chamber of Commerce people. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate social events like this? I'm aware they are necessary, but that doesn't make it any less painful.

Anyway, the event this year was at the Kalamazoo Country Club. The room it was in was gorgeous!

A few more detail shots... )

It was fun, and a good experience (just like the Girl Scout dessert competition event last year), but I still hate social events like this. I did enjoy decorating the table, though :-D

<Nick laughing as I sprinkle sunglasses over the table>
Me: They're like confetti!
Nick: They
are like confetti.

Oh! Also, Black Swan had a table there, and they had poached pears stuffed with marscapone and covered in a marsala glaze. Oh. My. God. They were amazing. Amazing to the point that you quite literally say things like "Oh my god" when you take the first bite. We still hadn't gotten around to trying Black Swan, but it's suddenly become a priority ;-)
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Yesterday was hell. I haven't thrown up in probably seven or eight years, but I had a nasty nasty 24 hour bug yesterday that certainly changed that. I was just glad I woke up okay this morning (yesterday and today are my days off this week), because I picked up an admin shift for one of our admins who had a funeral this morning.

It's been an interesting weekend so far. Wednesday was pretty good at work--we had a rather large dinner for a Wednesday night...all the people going out who didn't want to go out Thursday for Valentine's Day. Thursday was terrible! Our KM only scheduled five guys to cook, and one of them he scheduled had requested the day off for an appointment. Obviously that was our KM's screw-up, so we had to cover it...which we didn't. So, we had four guys cooking through a few $1000-$1500 hours (we do those on Fridays and Saturdays with eight or nine guys cooking). Obviously, this meant that I spent about three hours cooking a skirt. ha. After I got out I ran home and took a shower and changed (because I smelled like burgers and you could probably wring me out I had so much grease absorbed into my skin), and we grabbed a late bite to eat (I worked 12-10). I woke up early yesterday morning so ungodly sick.

Anyway...the bright point to Thursday...Dan sent me a dozen long-stemmed red roses at work! I got to work a little before noon and walked into a very large flower box in the office...


I cut the stem off one and put it in my hair for the day:

This is what the poor thing looked like after a third of my shift was spent cooking:

Okay...I've already been up too long today after yesterday's debacle. Naptime.
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Waiting on pizza...yum Jet's feta cheese deep dish *drools*

Last night was...eventful. I think my icon just about sums it all up. Way too much liquor. They were handing out champagne like it was water! I drank lots of gin, drank lots of champagne, had really yummy food, danced lots, saw Liza Minelli (not really, but I swear this woman sounded just like was hysterical), had my palm read, played chess on a giant chessboard, and almost felt like I really had stepped foot in Wonderland. Lots of pictures to come once I upload them, but here's a few...

Lindsay, Dan, and Anthony Bourdain:

Big chess set!

What we woke up to this morning:

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I love my kitty cat. Taken with my camera phone, so the quality isn't the best. I couldn't find my real camera without making so much noise she would have moved before I got the picture.

In other's really *%!#$@% cold outside! I hate winter :-(
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Pictures from the VerHages Farm.

Yay pictures... )
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New icon! I <3 Hendricks. Obviously. And now there's somewhere in Kalamazoo that serves it...for only $5! And it's the sushi restaurant! I can't even express my delight right now.

I had Indian food for lunch in Kentucky yesterday with the Partner of the Cincy CiP. It was good, but I compare everything to Saffron, it seems. They used sweeter spices at this place, and Saffron's staples are more earthy--I prefer the earthier flavors. The buffet was awesome, though--it had a great selection. Also, my boss used to work in fine dining and has a real passion for the industry--I love that, and he always has interesting stories. After lunch I finally went to the Creation Museum. It was really rather "eh" to me, as I'm really not terribly familiar with the Bible. It's also actually pretty sparse, aside from the gorgeous botanical gardens outside. I think I would have had far more fun if I would have had somebody to boggle at it with who is either far meaner than I, or who knows the Bible a lot better than I do. The place really stumped, amused, and terrified me. The reasonings are obviously warped, but there's practically no real explanations for things--just questions intended to place doubt about the sciences' findings and reasonings. My camera is full of pictures from it, but I need to resize and upload them. I won't post the actual images on my journal, as there are too many, and because I need them to stay a reasonably large size for people to be able to read the signs I took photos of. There are way too many dinosaurs, too. I did learn some things, though, if you take the God-spin off of them. The planetarium show, minus sayings like "Nebulae are God's artwork," was actually pretty interesting and informative. It was really terrifying, though, to see families there really getting into it and discussing things. In the "Valley of Corruption" area (LOL!) there was a speaker stating a handful of random statistics like "The average parent only spends 30 minutes a day with their children" and "One in three pregnancies end in abortion," and there was a family holding a discussion about these things. Granted, I find the parent/children statistic as sad and disturbing as your average evangelical, but the tidbits I overheard from these families really drove in the reality that many of these children are home-schooled and are being brought up with these things as solid fact. These children are practically brainwashed and not given the opportunity to question any of it. I have absolutely no grudge against a believer of any religion (as I'm religious myself, even though it's not of the Christian variety), but it saddens and disturbs me when people aren't given the opportunity to question and decide things for themselves.

Anyway...enough of that. After the CM I went to Ohio State in Columbus to see MZD read and speak. The professor who introduced him obviously didn't know much about him (couldn't say his name, which you can find a pronunciation of anywhere online, only mentioned him writing "two books"--what about T50YS?!, etc...). MZD started by saying he's been into revisiting things a lot lately, and how he recently reread HoL again and one part suddenly struck him as talking about OR. He read one of Johnny's footnotes (from May 1998, I believe--I'll have to look up the date...I wrote it down), and then three parts from OR--Sam (when Hailey suggests leaving St. Louis), Hailey (the section or two right after the Sam one he read), and Sam's final section ("Ever Sixteen"). I wanted to die right there when he started saying "And now I'm going to commit a terrible treason and read from the end of the book" because I knew I was going to start crying in the middle of it...which, of course, I did. I had him sign the opposite side of my hardcover (he signed the Hailey side in Chicago last year), and bought the paperback to have him sign for Dan. Side note: he remembered us from Chicago, Julie! I added my own inscription to Dan on the dedication page of the other side and gave it to him today. Oh! Also, the person in front of me bought the paperback as a wedding gift for some friends of his that are getting married on Saturday. MZD asked him how he wanted him to sign it, and after he found out it was for a wedding gift he signed really sweet personalized messages--one for the bride on Hailey's side and one for the groom on Sam's side. It was really awesome. After the reading/signing I drove back to Kalamazoo and am now wasting time at the coffeeshop until Dan is finished with work.

I'm sure I've rambled on for quite long enough, so I'll leave you with a couple of pictures--my new autograph, and the one I wrote for Dan. I'd post the one I had taken with me and MZD, but I look stoned, even though I'm obviously not, so I won't :-P I outlined the o's and "Gold" in my inscription for Dan in yellow after I took this picture. The quote in my second one--the "Faster baby. Let'S never stop." was from one of the readings he did. As soon as he said it, I knew I wanted to do this for Dan because it was so perfect and so us.

...because, as silly and romanticized as it is, he really is my own Leftwrist Twist of Gold.


Sep. 25th, 2007 10:31 pm
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I finally had to take all the photos off of my camera (for tomorrow's adventures, of course!), so I figured I'd resize a few and post them to LJ-land.

The hotel )

The CiP )

The Jesus statue )

The Waterfront and Cincy skyline )

A pretty sunset )

One more of me )
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Drinking Sofia in and out of the can...

We're just too cute together...

Read more... )
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I never posted pictures from when Melissa and Will came to visit me. I very much love Melissa and Will.

We're just too cute together ;-)

And a last, more recent, one of me:

Also, movie I made this icon from? Gorgeous and bizarre. The new(est) Steven Shainberg film, FUR: an imaginary portrait of Diane Arbus. If you like Secretary, SEE. IT. Nicole Kidman and Robert Downey Jr. and Erin Cressida Wilson script and Steven Shainberg direction. See. It.
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More apartment pics! I just got a couch today, too :-D

Yay for furnishings! )

In K'zoo the owls were on a lovely round table with a green tablecloth over it and a hand-embroidered cloth that my dad's mom made for me, but it feels right where they are now. I suppose I'll leave the table empty until I find a really nice Athena statue for it.
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I took these a couple of nights ago. Today I move the real furniture There are so many closets/storage space that it's a little absurd...a coat closet at the entrance, a huge walk-in closet/storage room attached to the dining room, a linen closet by the bathroom, and the bedroom closet is the length of the room.

The living room (from the door:

more apartment pics... )
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I really meant to update about work this "weekend," but now it's time for bed (I have to be up in less than six hours), and I really wanted to post the photos from yesterday...

This is my favorite one of Melissa, even though it's a bit blurry:

More Melissa, Will and Me )

Not sure which I like better...


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