Jun. 11th, 2009 02:01 am
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I keep telling myself, "Oh, I need to make a list of all the wedding-related appointments to make before we go to Kalamazoo in July!" I keep telling myself all sorts of things that need to be done...have I yet? Of course not! *headdesk* I so need a vacation. Too bad my last one was wasted on my restaurant closing and moving and my next one will be the wedding week :-P

Also...I think Dan was going to call about the building we want to do the reception at (the former Kraftbrau building). I know they're trying to get their liquor license by the time of our event. I am currently staring at a piece of paper with the following written on it:

liquor license



Can I dream that that means $120 for the event if they have a liquor license and $100 if not? I'd be so ridiculously ecstatic you wouldn't believe. I've been praying to find a place around $500, and I know that's being crazy-optimistic. At his cousin's wedding last month I told him, "When we open our own restaurant we HAVE to open up a banquet facility simply so that we can offer people a nice reception venue with great food and drink options in the way they want for a reasonable price." I'm so tired of this stuff :-P

Okay...bedtime! Tomorrow entails more fighting with my invite design and my printer. I WILL get this right by Friday. Speaking's been six months since I treated myself to a massage (after doing it on a monthly basis for the previous six). Tomorrow I need to set an appointment up to get one Friday. My back has been screaming at me for months now.
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It's quarter after five and I can't really sleep, even though I should. I have a very long day ahead of me.

Not much special has been happening around here. Much drama within the management team at work, but aside from that, it's been quiet around here. I really don't care for all the kids being back :-\ A few of them will become enamoured with the town and stick around for a while--like me--and realize the good things that exist here, but most of them will come and go with the semesters and leave as soon as their last class is done, or they walk across that stage. They bring a lot of young, disposable income into a town very much split between people with lots of old money and Pfizer money and lots of people with no money at all, so it's good for the local economy, but that's about it. They also tend to be ridiculously obnoxious, and I often wonder if the trade-off is worth it. So many people who will never know the joy of spending an evening listening to music and sipping drinks at The Union, who will never discover the amazing food at Cosmo's, who will never go to more than one or two exhibits at the KIA and will never go to an Art's kind of sad, actually. There are so many little gems, and so many people don't take the time to discover them.

I was considering actually going out and doing theatre again this season, but I haven't seen any shows listed by the local theatres yet that make me feel like pulling out my old monologue notebook, really. ...
Time is ticking down...the official release is at noon, EST. I'm very excited to pick my copy up, especially since we're not leaving the restaurant for the concert until two now, because Jenny has class until 1:45. Now I'll have time to pick my copy up AND get a couple hours of reading in.

Now it's five-thirty and I'm thinking I should just stay up, shower, and go in at seven. Then I'll really be done early because nobody will be there to harass me into doing things yet, and I can just take a nap after. It's kind of funny how much work I get done without even realizing it, apparently, and how much more I get done when I don't have phone calls and management harassing me to do things for them. I spent the better part of an hour after work yesterday trying to figure out what it was that John wanted me to do for him, and I just now realized what it was and that I did it right when he mentioned it. ha.

Anyway...I'm off now. Maybe I'll go ahead and shower now and get breakfast at Nina's in an hour and then go in and get my stuff done early and quickly.

Because I’m slowing here.
Because I feer the irreparable loss
of holding someone dear.

—We’re the unmended, the untended, cold soldiers of the shoe.
We’re the neglected, the never resurrected, agonies of the few.
We’re the once kissed, unmissed and allways refused.
Because we’re the unfinished
and feered and we’re never pursued.

For a greater economy shall follow US and it will be outdone.
And a greater autonomy shall follow US and it too will be outdone.
And a greater feeling shall follow Love and it too we will blow to dust.
For I am longings without trust. The cycloidal haste
freedom from Hailey forever wastes.
Dust cares for only dust.
And time only for US.

Because I am too soon.
Because without her
I am Only Revolutions of ruin.

We are allways sixteen


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