Jun. 10th, 2008 01:15 pm
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Dan and I both love our work and our industry. Given that, we talk a disproportionate amount of "shop." Last night he was thumbing through one of my bar books (The Art of the Bar--click the title for the webpage) and discovered it talked about a bartender's mise en place (which he thought was amusing and implied that a mise en place is a cook thing only :-P Be certain that I set him straight on that). Somehow, while I was explaining how the art of mixology is rather like a mix between cooking and chemistry, he started talking about cooking eggs. I really can't tell you the contents of the conversation past his remark that "Eggs can smell fear."

He was utterly confused by my laughter and subsequent, "Since when did eggs become sentient beings capable of knowing when the person cooking them is terrified of destroying them?"

I'm not sure I will ever let him live it down.

Now it's time to finish getting ready for work :-P
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Unsuspecting table recipient of server love to kitchen ;-)

"Suck my di*k fu*k face"

My guess is that the server rang it in as an open food item as a note to a cook (we have a server at my restaurant who has been a cook elsewhere and who often rings in open food for a penny with odd little special instruction notes to the cooks. His aren't quite as bad as that, though). Instead of using an unsuspecting item name with the note as a special instruction, though, they put the note as the item, and so it showed up on the bill. Ha.


Jan. 25th, 2008 10:42 pm
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Somebody posted this in [livejournal.com profile] literaryquotes and it's wonderful:

The Sum of our Days, Isabel Allende.
On a trip to India:

We didn't have our safety belts on because of the issue of karma: nobody dies before their time.

I think that is an amazing and perfect quote. Of course, I think we all know that I thoroughly believe in Fate.

Also, went up to Holland to visit [livejournal.com profile] amneria while she's in the state. [livejournal.com profile] madbillyblack was there, also, and we had a great time. We had lunch at an Irish pub, and I had boxty (and their boxty was amazing), and coffee, and we wandered around. I left early because I wanted to get back and see Dan for a little bit before we had to get to bed (we both open at our respective restaurants tomorrow morning). I happened to drive into town just as him and some of his coworkers were on their way to Fandango for tapas and drinks.

Fandango is amazing. We'd been there a couple of times before, but not in quite a while, so it was really, really amazing--especially going there with true Foodies. I had the Luna martini (which isn't listed on the site), and it was phenominal--it has vodka (I upscaled it to Belvedere), cucumber-infused water, mint, simple syrup, and cucumber in it. Heavenly. They also have sesame-crusted and marinated tuna cubes on top of cucumber slices which consist of THE most amazing sashimi-grade tuna I have ever had. Their flan was also amazing, and topped with a Licor 43 glaze and garnished with an orchid. Yum. I got three other people to try orchid (yay on me!), though I would have also loved to have the blossom all to myself. Note to all would-be cooks: never use a garnish unless it's edible, attractive, and adds something to the dish. Aside from the rasberry mimosas we created for NYE at the Brewery one year, I've only seen orchid used as a garnish one other time prior to this--on my sushi platter the first time I went to Pacific Moon in Newport, KY. People always look at me amazed when I start eating it...most people have no idea you can.

Okay...bedtime now. I have to be up way too early :-P


Aug. 20th, 2007 09:45 am
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So, for whatever reason, the hotel had me as checking out today...hahaha...right. I had to go down and tell them I was, in fact, going to be here for about another two weeks :-P Exactly two weeks, actually, unless they need to extend my stay a bit.

Got out of work very early on Saturday night (I actually want to thank the Bengals game for making it a slow night at work for once) and went to Newport on the Levee, had awesome sushi and Hendrick's gin at a place called Pacific Moon. It was awesome, and the presentation was bright and gorgeous, and they served my Hendrick's and tonic with a cucumber slice! heeee...

Now it's time for Day 10 of work...and then I get to go to K'zoo for three and a half days. Yay!
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Lovely lovely Valentine's Day. Dan and I have never actually celebrated, but we figured since he has the night off and I had the day off that we'd actually do something. We saw Hannibal Rising (which I rather enjoyed, actually) and then went to dinner at Francois'. As terrible as he is at advertising and business, and when you have a bad experience there it's a TERRIBLE one...it really is the best food and atmosphere in town. Too bad they're not more consistent. mmm...Escargot, drunken lobster flambed tableside, irish cream creme brulee, Van Gogh double gin and tonic, Pouilly Fuisse chardonnay and champagne with a chocolate covered strawberry=amazing amazing dinner and evening. Unfortunately, Dan's filet mignon was overcooked because they forgot his lobster tail, so the steak probably sat for about five minutes and cooked itself from rare to medium :-(
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So tired. Two terribly long days, and both ended in filling out paperwork (W-2, 401K, health insurance, I-9...). It was really nice to get back to the Lansing store, though. We had a special meeting for all the Front-of-House trainers in Michigan there. All of the managers/their full-time admin seemed to know I was MIT already, and all of them wanted me to come to Lansing when I'm done...lol

So, I had my orientation last night and officially start my training on the second. I'm terrified and excited, and I'm about to spend a month in the kitchen--I've never worked Back-of-House in my life.

The next two months are going to be a wild, wild ride.

Off to finish filling out my forms so I can send them to Dan (our JVP) tomorrow :-P
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Sushiya = way way yummy. Too bad Dan's not really into sushi :-(


Jan. 11th, 2007 08:57 pm
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The compliments I treasure most are those unintended...

I've been working very hard this past week at work to tie up loose ends: make sure all the invoices listed as unpaid on the statements actually have or have not been paid and get copies of those that I don't show as having been paid on my end, make sure all the folders I've cluttered with random papers over the past year are organized or tossed as appropriate, make sure that the messes others have made are fixed or cleaned up or appropriately organized, make sure terminations and addresses are up-to-date in the portal and the phone list is as up-to-date and correct as possible--basically, make sure everything is reasonably organized for the next person to take my place. I won't be around to answer questions like "What goes in this folder?" or "Is this form important?" about something momentarily unneccesary that still did eventually need to be done.

Nick was looking for paperwork regarding a large piece of equipment that we no longer needed and was sent on to the Tulsa, Oklahoma Carrabba's in November. The paperwork had nil to do with me, so I never touched it, but we thought that perhaps it may have been put in one of the boxes we fill with various paperwork each month (our way of loose-paper keeping). We dragged the boxes out of our back storage space and he was going through them trying to find them. They weren't in there, as I knew they wouldn't be (I personally organize and put everything from the previous month into those boxes on the first of every month), but then he called the company responsible for the move to try to find some information. When they were throwing names his way to try to identify as the person who organized the move I remembered that I'd written the person's name in a note in the manager's redbook, and I searched it out.

Now (as a preface of sorts, as if the above paragraph wasn't already one), completely opposite to how I am in my personal life, I'm really rather organized when it comes to work--or at least the part of things that I know other people will have to deal with. I have my own personal form of organization, but I know it's nothing that anybody else would ever understand, and so I'm able to organize those other things so other people can easily find what they need. I bunch up all of the DSR bundles and line check sets in big rubber bands so that they're not just loose, I binder clip all of the tipshare sheets and the labor reports and the Bar drawer/server tracking sheets seperately, I have the invoices separated into approriate categories, etc.

Well, Nick was going through the boxes and--almost under his breath and with a tinge of sadness or regret--said, "God but you're thorough! You're going to make somebody a great manager. I only wish it were me."

It's these things that nearly break my heart and make me wish I had a place right here. People find out that I'm going to become a manager and their face lights up for me and they're full of really genuinely nice and congragulatory things for me. I've never seen people so genuinely happy for me. People say things to the managers when I'm keying--both within and outside of my earshot--about how helpful I am and how good I am and thanking me profusely for simple things that I take it as my job to do (but too many others in charge, I realize, don't bother with) like greeting a table or taking a drink order and sometimes even half waiting on the table myself if the server really needs it. Somebody, a day or two after I found out about my test, had some really nice compliment for me while I was in the server alley and Nick was expoing. He made some comment about teaching me nearly everything he knows and not being able to teach me everything because--of course--then he'd have to kill me; and then, as an aside and with the knowledge that only himself, our JVP and me had, said, "Don't forget where you came from." I replied with a catch in my throat, "How could I ever forget?"

From the beginning he's painted himself as like our father--and the staff as a family of sorts--which of course it is. He really is like a father to me. Without this job and without his guidance and mentoring I'm not sure I'd ever have come to where I have--especially so quickly. I see it and hear it in these unguarded comments and the devastated look on his face when he found out I probably wouldn't be there much longer. He's really happy that I've grown into what I have with the company, but he's truly upset to see me go--someone he knows really and truly cares for the restaurant and everything that happens within it. I've sacrificed a fair amount for that restaurant, and he knows it. There are few places where a server can find a relationship with a restaurant like that. What does it say that we have multiple servers who were here at the very beginning who have since graduated and gotten salaried jobs and still make it a point to work there because they just love it that much?

I've babbled far more than I intended to, and kudos to any who actually made it to the end. I'm just feeling thoughtful and a touch melancholy tonight, and I've been thinking a lot about this stuff.

In completely other things, Loreena McKennitt's new album is really breathtaking. Certainly my favorite...

Here is my heart and I give it to you
Take me with you across this land
These are my dreams, so simple and few
Dreams we hold in the palm of our hands


On a quiet street where old ghosts meet
I see him walking now
Away from me so hurriedly my reason must allow
That I had wooed not as I should
A creature made of clay
When the angel woos the clay he'd lose
His wings at the dawning of the day.

I think this is the most passionate CD I've ever heard. It's heartbreaking and upbeat and just breathtaking.
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This should be an interesting read for anybody on my flist with any special dietary "concerns" (vegetarian, allergies, religious reasons, etc.) who eat out. It's also a large reason I'm not a strict vegetarian--I eat out too damn much and am too involved in my industry to be. I'll fall in line with those who are saying "If they don't inform the waiter, it's their own problem." I do appreciate a server who will tell me things like "The broccoli cheese soup (at Panera Bread) is made with chicken stock" and "The Cyclone Pasta (at Outback) has the meat pre-mixed in, and they just pick it out" or "The Island Rice (at my restaurant) is made with chicken stock" on that off-chance I have a specific reason, but I don't believe it is the burden of the server to inform the customer with no particular reason to. If it is that much of a concern to the person ordering, then I feel that they should believe it important enough to inform their server of. The server will take care of you if they know, but they are not mind-readers.

Every person I've ever "informed" of something if it seemed they were vegetarian based on what they ordered were not actually vegetarian and didn't actually care. Every person who straight up told me they were vegetarian I go fairly carefully over the menu with and ask them how strict they are, and we go from there.

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From last night's dinner...

More photos... )

I kind of wish I had had somebody take one inside the restaurant. We had this huge U-booth, and it had a mirror behind us...it was really lovely. The amusebouche was really really amazing, and so was the dessert. The soup was pretty good, but--honestly?--there are places I'd rather spend ~$25/per plate at in town. And not all of those places I'd rather spend that much at charge that much. The atmosphere and the experience were extremely nice, though. After all, how many places serve an amusebouche, and a special after-dessert plate from the Chef for an anniversary, and would have given me a rose before we left? It was certainly an experience to be had, and I'm glad we did it.


Dec. 27th, 2006 02:45 pm
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Dan and I are going here to celebrate five years on Saturday :-D

I'm so excited. I made the reservations last week.
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Somebody posted this in [livejournal.com profile] anthropologist and it still cracks me up even though I know better, especially because I remember when I first read the name in an article...

What kind of jeans do anthropologists wear?


My head is still pounding after three or four days. I hate being sick, especially when I'm working so much. I really don't want to work tonight. Also, itty-bitty slight developments on the work front (CiP side), but nothing that I really want to talk about as of now. We'll see. Fate leads us and works in curious ways...let's hope that I've got this leg of the path figured out correctly :-)


Oct. 29th, 2006 10:46 am
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So I'm playing around the Francois' website, and I knew from opening with CiP that getting a liquor license in Michigan is not an easy task. We even got Warren Buffett (close friends with Jimmy Buffett, though no blood relationship that anybody's actually aware of) involved (which usually helps speed things up a bit in other states) to no avail. I had NO IDEA that it was quite this involved, however:

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Just random. So remember how I said I put in two apps? The other one was at Food Dance Cafe. They called me at about quarter after nine last night for an interview. Oh well...at least I have a nudge if I need to find another serving job at some point while still in Kalamazoo--turn in an app with a note "I've turned in an application and was called for an interview before, but had already been hired and started training somewhere else, so I couldn't accept."

Two for two. Yay :-)
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*pouts* I wish I had money like this. Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra benefit: NYE Venetian Masquerade Ball. Tables of eight only $1600 ;-) Right now I'm searching for the Radisson's annual NYE gala (tickets may very well not be on sale yet) because Dan will finally be 21, and it's going to be our five-year. I have to work at seven the following morning, but I'll survive--I've been planning on doing the Radisson NYE gala this year since I first learned about it a few years ago.

Last night was absolutely amazing. The weather was perfect (so long as you had a sweater or a jacket), and Dan and I walked downtown (I love how close our apartment is to downtown) and wandered through random stores that seemed to be hosting artists for the October Art Hop. We had appetizers and wine, and we ended up at Bimbo's Pizza (somehow I've been here six years and last night was my first time there) which was really fantastic (though we found out right about when we were finishing up that they don't take credit/debit, so I had to walk down to the National City ATM a few blocks away).

On our way walking back to the apartment I couldn't believe how absolutely picture-perfect the evening was. Walking arm in arm with Dan, a pretty sunset, perfect and crisp fall weather, gorgeously-colored leaves on the trees, and a bustling evening downtown. It really seemed straight out of a movie. I don't think I've ever felt like I've lived in a city quite like I felt it last night. It's how I feel every time I walk around a bigger city, only I knew exactly where I was going and exactly where everything was. It was really a piece of metropolitan-chic in the midwest. Evenings like last night really highlight why I want to live in more metropolitan cities. I love downtowns, I love walking, I love a huge variety of restaurants and museums and stores and other activities, and I wish I got more of it here than I do.

And now, speaking of restaurants...I need to make myself some breakfast. And I need an appropriate city icon for when I go on my "I love downtown Kalamazoo" kicks *grin* Though this icon works with what I'm listening to...lol
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Instead of a Grammar Nazi we have a Komma-Klansman! *giggles*

I'm in a fantastic mood today. I nicked a bar magazine we got at work today (our bar manager never reads them!) and was daydreaming about the restaurant I'm going to open up while reading it. I think I have some really solid and fantastic ideas to go off of, and probably about a decade to flesh them out and keep up with restaurant trends ;-) I feel really confident and good today. It's a wonderful day. It's also nice that I got out at a reasonably early hour today--a little after one.
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Somebody slap me. Every day I realize how much more of a food/restaurant/liquor snob I become with every day that passes.

And on that note...a couple things I mentioned to our neighbors/Dan while we were out to eat tonight:

-I would have been better off ordering a Grey Goose martini than the specially named Grey Goose martini that DID NOT taste like Grey Goose at all (though the bleu cheese stuffed olives were yummy...but DAMNIT there were TWO of them in the martini and an even number of olives in a martini is bad luck). Damn everywhere for not serving my gin *pouts*

-Go out to eat on a Monday or Tuesday night (that's when all the serious food people go out). Never go out to eat on a Friday or Saturday night because the atmosphere is suddenly destroyed by the rest of the world going out to eat. Mondays and Tuesdays are the slowest nights so you get the best atmosphere, the best service, the best food, etc.

That's all of Lindsay's food rants for tonight, but it's more than I often post, so...enjoy and learn. And, Amanda? Apparently one of the cooks at Dan's restaurant used to work at Food Dance and it is cream they use in their scrambled eggs. I knew that was the only way they could be as creamy and as rich and as fluffy as they were...I'm getting decent at this identification stuff! Maybe there's hope for me in the kitchen after all! Nah...but it's cool that I can tell stuff like that.

...and now I sleep. I have the next two days off!
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*bounces up and down and squeals uncontrollably*

I got a call for a second interview!

*squeals more*

If I get this job then it means opportunity for full-time doing something I generally enjoy, opportunity for pretty decent health benefits, 50% off at any Outback affiliated restaurant, and the opportunity to move within the chain when I leave Kalamazoo. Who knows...if I end up staying with them and becoming a valuable employee then I may even have a shot at management. That would be really cool and something I'd bite for, considering I'd love to own a restaurant someday...and it means I can leave Rhino's!

I'm looking way ahead of myself right now, but that's okay. Right now all I care about is that I'm going back Monday for a second interview, and they said everything so far was excellent!
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Note to self: Check minutes before talking with Mom for two hours on the phone on the last day of monthly plan. Doing so could help avoid spending $61.98 for phone. I suck.

In other news, Anna Livia is becoming ridiculously spoiled. I adore her :-) I forgot to see if the pet store had waxworms, though :-( I wanted to give her a special treat when I bought her crickets today. She doesn't really eat the mealworms much, so I worry that she's not eating enough. I think I'm going to start her on a primarily cricket diet.

Walking down the stairs for class after break this evening made me suddenly realise I would never be walking down them again for an anthropology class. That was very depressing. Sitting through class tonight made me almost wish it were Chuck's Bio Anthro class, which was in the same room--that's how nostalgaic I was getting (most of you understand the loathing I had for that class).

Oh! Restaurant debacle!

For those of you who haven't really heard my descriptions of the restaurant I work at, we have 17 tables total (mostly four-tops, a few two-tops, a seven-top and two five-tops)--it's a very small restaurant/bar. On slow shifts we have one server and on busy shifts we have two. Generally the GM serves on Tuesday nights, but she's decided she should start doing more "behind the scenes" work over serving work so she put me on. Alone. With one bartender and one cook. Last night the Pistons were playing in a play-off game, AND the men's softball team decided to come in for drinks--and some of them for food. At LEAST twelve of the tables were packed, and it didn't let up for at least two hours. Every time I turned around I was bombarded with food and drink orders, or one table left and people sat in their place so I was forced to bus the table. It was really rather absurd, and I'm not sure how I got through it without collapsing. I'm really lucky I'm not one of those waitresses that will cry and throw my apron down as soon as something like this happens (luckily I have more self-control, and I would never leave that mess for someone else to deal with alone), because otherwise I would have been a wreck last night.

Tonight I made enchiladas and Spanish rice for dinner--so yummy. I'm really looking forward to going home now, because the smell after I cook something, leave, and then come back makes me really happy. It makes me feel like the place is lived in and happy. Hestia's been completely having her way with me since I moved in *grins*

Now I must be heading out. I wanted to try to find something before the computer lab closes.


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