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I'm sleepy, but I just spent forever catching up on my f'list and wanted to post a hello.

Because the apartment we just moved out of is technically unhabitable per the city, and there's no chance of them moving anyone in, we've been taking our precious time with moving everything. The important stuff is here, but there is still junk there I'm still trying to figure out how to get rid of. Bah.

I've been working way too much lately, and I've wanted to do so much with the apartment, but I just don't have time to with my work schedule. I keep saying "the past month has been crazy," but I've realized that it's constant. One month bleeds into the next and hardly anything more has been accomplished no matter how much time I've spent on anything. A friend posted about his hellish week, and if I were a more sane person it would have thrown some things into perspective. Instead, of course, I just said something along the lines of how I wish my hellish weeks looked like that, but at least this isn't last summer in Sterling Heights when I probably had only three or four less-than-12-hour days from April through July.

It did, however, make me want to put it all down so that I can tell myself I need to slow down. Which I won't...have I mentioned that I'm taking a bellydance class again starting on Monday evening? I figured picking up even more to do would be a great idea, for whatever reason. Of course, this more-to-do is something for me and me alone and something I've been wanting to do again for myself for years.

So...the past week and a half or so in review (I don't even wanna see it!):
Sat 31 - 4p-3a
Sun 1 - off, but at work from 2p-5p
Mon 2 - off, but at work from 2:30p-4:30p for work meeting
Tue 3 - 3p-2a
Wed 4 - up at 10 for 11a-12p "webinar" conference call for work, work 3p-1a
Thur 5 - 7a-6:30p/11p-1:30a - work and all-employee work meeting. If I hadn't been dying from being in heels for nearly 12 hours I would have stayed through because we got absolutely nailed that evening and my help would have been a very welcome addition to the evening.
Fri 6 - off, but at work from 1p-5p
Sat 7 - 9:30a-8p complete with drama of pulling raw tomatoes because of the salmonella outbreaks and finding out that one of the servers in Cincy who started there the same week I did and was a struggling single mom with a very troubled teenage son and who was the sweetest and most genuine woman I've ever met died back in December
Sun 8 - off, not going anywhere near the building for my sanity, but working on scheduling stuff from home because the 12th is the official rollout of our HotSchedules schedules, and they must be posted by Monday
Mon 9 - 7a-5pish. Must force myself out by 5:30 or else making it to my first dance class will not be likely.

...and still so much to do both at home and for work. And the only outside-of-work work that I included was the webinar...but I've done more than that at home. It's a very good thing I love my restaurant and the people I work with. Also, in addition to the schedule stuff, I've got shopping and cleaning to do tomorrow. Is it any wonder that I'm only doing a fraction of what I probably should be doing around the apartment? And Dan hates that most of my "free time" is spent online. It's how I unwiiiiiiind! *whines*

In happy news, Lucid is finally in Michigan!!! Stu was following me around with the bottle at Tiffany's yesterday (I enjoy their deli stuff for lunch) until I turned around and He said they were the first store in Michigan to get it, too! heeeeeee! It was one of those things that fell into the "Much more satisfying to wait for it and be pleasantly surprised by its arrival than to have it sent to me (imported from France in this" category. We now have genuine absinthe added to our personal bar, even though neither of us are that into it. It's something nice to have around for friends and company and conversation piece. We're silly like that.

And now I sleep because I'm babbling.


May. 26th, 2008 01:45 am
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Sundays are just no-win at my work. If you open, you're inevitably dealing with everybody and their brother trying to call in sick because they have a hangover. If you're mid, you're walking into the next set of problems (short-staffed so you end up cooking, prep cooks not doing their job so you have to harass them to make something before the restaurant opens in 15 minutes, etc.). If you close, you're there all freaking night because you close at ten, but it's summer so everybody is coming in later and just hanging out for hours on end, so you don't even get the customers out of the building until an hour after close (which is when I'm typically leaving).

Tonight, of course, I was at work until after 12:30am. And we closed at 10pm. We had a six top walk in shortly before close, the headwait was really really sick and we had nobody on the floor to cover headwaiting so I got to do it, and a cook didn't show up (one we were just talking about last night, Julie! ha! Big Spoon ;-)).

Also, we're moving to web-based scheduling. This consists of hours of training materials on top of current responsibilities, and headaches galore. Also, in my sea of unqualified applicants I have two promising applications (one still needs to come in and test, and the other has an interview on Tuesday) from a restaurant I just found out did some major "house cleaning" recently. They fired a bunch of people after realizing that their employees were stealing upwards of 100K/year. Guess who I'm not hiring? The really funny story about it? We fired a couple of people who now work there for stealing. When I told both of the managers I worked with today (separately) the first thing each said was, "Anybody we know?" with a huge smirk on their faces.

Now I appear to be nodding off at the computer, so I guess that means it's bedtimes.
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Yesterday was (supposed to be) my first day of vacation. Due to family issues, our FOH manager couldn't do the Taste of the Chamber event for the Chamber of Commerce with Nick. I got a frantic phone call from Nick about this at about 1:30 while downtown at breakfast with Dan, Erin, and John (Erin is one of Dan's very close friends/co-worker/boss, and John is another of their group). I did the "I really do care about my job" thing and forfeited my first day of vacation to work the event with Nick. We took some of our spinach and crab dip and some of our spicy queso dip, dressed all nice and played friendly with the Chamber of Commerce people. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate social events like this? I'm aware they are necessary, but that doesn't make it any less painful.

Anyway, the event this year was at the Kalamazoo Country Club. The room it was in was gorgeous!

A few more detail shots... )

It was fun, and a good experience (just like the Girl Scout dessert competition event last year), but I still hate social events like this. I did enjoy decorating the table, though :-D

<Nick laughing as I sprinkle sunglasses over the table>
Me: They're like confetti!
Nick: They
are like confetti.

Oh! Also, Black Swan had a table there, and they had poached pears stuffed with marscapone and covered in a marsala glaze. Oh. My. God. They were amazing. Amazing to the point that you quite literally say things like "Oh my god" when you take the first bite. We still hadn't gotten around to trying Black Swan, but it's suddenly become a priority ;-)


Feb. 13th, 2008 02:25 am
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I hatehatehate when I have big news and can't say a damned thing because of stupid confidentiality agreements! I don't like being an adult! *whines*

The big news both affects me majorly and doesn't affect me at all. It all really depends on what my JVP says about what happens with me next. I have no idea what will and won't be affected by the most recent developments, mainly because I don't know if I'll still be with CiP or not.
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New phone:

Madeline and Britni got me an ice cream cake that I didn't think to get a picture of until after I had cut it up and offered everybody a piece:

Card! They rock :-)

I'll miss them :-( I feel loved! :-D
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hahaha...yes! I got my check the other day (well, it's direct deposited, but I looked at my paystub online) and the bonus seemed really really REALLY off. I went into work this morning to an email saying it was wrong, and that FedEx had delivered the rest of it overnight today! I think I don't mind them screwing up my bonus, as it seems the new check I'm cut gets less taxes taken out of it.

Tomorrow I need to mail out my October rent check. My final rent check to Sterling! YES! Also, got my deposit back from the K'zoo apartment the other day (well, most of it). I think I'll have to give Lakeside Dan's address to send that deposit check to, as I won't have an actual permanent address. I need somewhere to have everything sent to. Maybe a K'zoo PO box...? I don't like this whole "not going to actually have anywhere of my own to live" thing...particularly the "I don't even know where I will be come October 11th" thing. Well, October 9th, really, as I'll have the last two days of that week off.'s bedtime now.
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The Waterfront was a complete bust--it's a little too yuppie for me :-P They have a business casual dress code, and even though the sushi was really really great the atmosphere was too stuffy and blah. I'd only go there because they serve oysters on the half shell (and oh my were they amazing).

I don't tell my mom how often I eat sushi/sashimi/raw oysters/etc. She's already a constant stream of "oh be careful! Raw fish will kill you!"--okay, not quite that bad, but along those general lines ;-)

I have photos of the restaurant and the Cincy skyline. I can't seem to find any online that do it justice--the blues and oranges and whites and yellows's just so colorful, and so breathtaking as you're driving up on it! I'll get better pics of the skyline next time I go into Newport (it's a little further east than Covington, and the angle is better). Maybe tomorrow night--it is hospitality night, after all. How can I resist half off raw seafood? O;-) We'll see how tired I am when I get out of work. I really want to just finish the last His Dark Materials book, too.

I'm sleepy. I have a pretty major work meeting in Sandusky, at one of the Cedar Point resorts (Castaway Bay), on Tuesday. They're rolling out the new management Quality of Life "packages"--new salary raise opportunities, we actually get a handful of personal days per year, and some other things. I don't completely like everything I've heard for the raise opps, but we'll see what they have for us at the meeting (I really shouldn't know as much as I do already, but our Partner was telling me today). I'm a little miffed that I have to close on Monday night (hopefully it looks like last Monday night and I'm out around 11:15) and then be on the road by 7am so that I can grab food and make the four+ hour trip by noon. We're apparently getting an "early dinner" during the meeting, and then we're supposed to go out and compete in laser tag and bowling afterwards :-P I'm going straight into a three and a half hour drive into K'zoo after Sandusky, so unfortunately I can't carpool with the guys (Mike and John--the Bar manager and KM), and I really doubt I'll be up for laser tag or bowling before. I'm really hoping the K'zoo and Lansing KMs are going to be there Tuesday. I love all the FOH managers at all the MI stores, so I don't care which ones are there--I'll be happy to see any of them. It will be nice to at least meet some of the other Ohio managers, I suppose, given I may be working with any of them at some point in the near future.

Oh! Cincy extended another week or two. I'm pretty sure I'll be here through Mark's vacation time (which starts the 4th of October). I'm pretty pleased with that arrangement. I...really need to get to Sterling and pack my apartment up. Damn. My lease is up October 31st. Yay. I don't know what to do with my stuff. Fuck. Storage near my parents, I suppose? Ugh.
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100% for me on the management part of the September secret shop. Win! It was the first time one of my stores got shopped while I was the manager on the floor.

I'm loving His Dark Materials, and I'm on the final book. Also, I bought another Italo Calvino book--If On a Winter's Night a Traveler...I can see he's going to be an addicting one. Essentially, this one is ten separate stories, all of which end at a moment of suspense, that "together...form a labyrinth of literatures, known and unknown, alive and extinct, through which two readers, a male and a female, pursue both the story lines that intrigue them and one another." Now that I can afford to again, I've gotten back in the habit of actually buying books. I like owning things more than borrowing them from a library. I like writing in the margins and highlighting too much ;-)

A couple of striking HDM quotes...

"We are all subject to the fates. But we must all act as if we are not...or die of despair."
--The Golden Compass

"What do you mean, a paleo-archaeologist? Archaeologists already study what's old; why do you need to put another word meaning 'old' in front of it?"
--The Subtle Knife (hehehehehehehehehe)

Also, this will just sound silly to most of you on my f'list, but some of you will get it. I feel like the gods are pushing me towards something, but I'm not sure what. It feels like it's supposed to be a more mystical turn, but I don't even know what I should be looking for or where to begin. The most mystical I've ever really gotten (except for my silly teenage Wicca days--yes you can laugh :-P) is my tarot deck--and admittedly, I do pretty well with it when I read for people. Unfortunately, I'm a little concerned attempting to use my deck to figure it out for myself, as I obviously have blinders on when it comes to myself and my life and what I would read in the deck in a reading for myself. I've been feeling like this since I got out to Sterling, actually, but I was too unsure to mention it before. Since then the feeling has just gotten more nagging. I find it difficult to try to figure it out through reading, as I am moving so much and don't have reliable access to libraries that would have the books I'd be looking for (and I don't even know what I should be looking for in the first place)...and nothing specific seems to be calling out to me at the moment. I am very lost and very confused and I know I'll have this hole until I figure it Dreams have given me clues that are either very obscure or I forget by the time I wake up. I'm pretty certain Hermes is behind it, though--it's pretty blatantly his energy and his "voice." Of course, I'm also not completely sure, as that could just be him acting as messenger for someone or something else entirely. Bah! I'm hoping mentioning it will bring something clearer to light.

Finally, Hendrick's Gin is awesome. Just awesome. If only I had a refrigerator to keep a cucumber in for it...

Now it is 1:30am and I work at 10am in the morning, probably until about nine or so. But I want to read more! But I must sleep. *pout*
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I came across this about a week ago in the [ profile] anthropologist, but nearly forgot about it until I saw it in USA Today yesterday, too (I get it delivered to my hotel room door every weekday):

Tibetan buddhas told to apply for reincarnation with the Chinese government...,21985,22183463-5005961,00.html

The new rules are "an important move to institutionalise the management of reincarnation of living Buddhas," the Xinhua news agency said.

According to the regulations, which take effect on September 1, all reincarnation applications must be submitted to religious affairs officials for approval, Xinhua said.

I can't find the USA Today article online...I probably need to be a member, or something.

Also, this restaurant is bizarre--it's half southern dialect and half midwestern, but the MP is from St. Louis originally and has some weird west-coastal "o" thing going on. I think my Oklahoma dialect is coming back a touch being surrounded by so many southerners.

Also, you know you're on the border of the south (or are waiting on someone from the south) when you go to a restaurant and they offer sweet tea, or someone at the table asks if you have sweet tea.
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Never mentioned this before I left Sterling...

On my last day there, I got a phone call at the restaurant. Given that I'm not a permanent manager anywhere, it's often surprising to get phone calls specifically for you--you just haven't made those connections yet. Anyway, I answer, and apparently someone had submitted my name for "arrest" for an MDA fundraiser on August 26th--they were going to come to the restaurant and pick me up in a limo and take me out to lunch for an hour. I was so mad that I was going to be two states away when it happened :-P I submitted our bar manager in my Given that he's going through an obscenely rough divorce right now, I thought it would be kinda nice for him. I'm still mad I can't go, though :-(
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Safe and sound in Cincinnati. Amazingly, the six hour drive seems shorter than my three hour trip across the state from Sterling to K'zoo does. Unfortunately, it seems as though the hotel I'm staying at has been infested with a gathering of 8-12 year old girls :-P In reality, I believe it's a sports thing. I think I saw soccer shirts.

Off to find food and then to the restaurant get my keys and such for work tomorrow.

Now I just need to find people to explore downtown with. I don't like doing downtowns I don't know by myself. A) I get hit on too much at bars, and B) I inherited that whole paranoid "I'm going to get killed if I'm anywhere by myself" gene from my mother.
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The dates for Cincy seem to be Aug 9-Sept 5, which is right around when the MIT that's going there for good should be finished with training. I just talked to Dan (my boss/JVP Dan, not my Dan), and he should have everything finalized soon (he's there right now. There's a Buffett concert there tomorrow night, so it's kind of crazy there tonight, I guess). I suppose this means Molly will be going back to K'zoo with me next week when I go to pay rent, and I'll need to see if my parents will watch Anna for a month. I also will need to get the last things I left in K'zoo and bring them back with me--some random clothes and notebooks, really.

I rented Woody Allen's Manhattan and the first disc of Freaks and Geeks. I really need to own this series...or figure out how to rip it onto my computer as I rent the discs O:-) Dan and I rented it last summer and just loved it. Anyway...I'm off for now.
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Tonight was my last night at the Kalamazoo CiP. I report for work in Sterling on Monday afternoon.

I'm going to be smelling whipped cream and wiping it out of my ear for the next week.

Apparently, this is how it went down...
Nick to Derrick: So, tonight's Lindsay's last night. We should get her.
Derrick: I think CJ and I can arrange that.
Some point later: *CJ onstage giving Lindsay a farewell from the restaurant*
Nick: *sneaking up on bar behind Lindsay with a salad togo container filled with whipped cream*

He was silly enough to leave it stuck to my face, and as Derrick put it to me later, "The best part was that you had the presence of mind to pull it off and get him after he got you."

I really wish I had a picture.


Mar. 23rd, 2007 09:40 pm
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Way way sicker than I woke up this morning. As I was in the shower before work it occured to me, "Damnit! I'm in management now! I can't ever call in sick again." Insert very sad face here.

First night of bar training went not too badly. Could have certainly gone worse given that I feel as though I've been run over by a semi at the moment.

I am also so drugged up right now it's ridiculous. I never mix medicines outside of what doctors have given me all lumped together, but I felt so good this morning that I had to do it again.

Sleepy time. Work at 11am tomorrow. Pout. Four more days behind the bar, and then my restaurant opens and closes (a week or so), and I'm done. And I still don't know when I'm leaving or if I'm going to Polaris 100% for certain.
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Because I swear that half my f'list has one of these counters...

Crush this person!
Get your own CrushTag!

Got to see [ profile] amneria with [ profile] madbillyblack yesterday! This weather can't pick anything, and yesterday it was terrible and snowy and so freaking cold. Will and I spun out on 31 at about 12:45am on our way home. Thankfully, there were no cars in the road. I love how incidents like this don't even affect me. I'm just kind of "hm...okay." about it all. (now this will prove if Dan even bothers reading my LJ I haven't said anything to him about it yet)

Also, the JVP emailed me. He'll be in town next M-W. He said we'll "talk about the plan in detail" then. One week and I know what's going to become of me. Three weeks and I'll be done with my training. I'm scared and excited.

Okay...I have a very busy day ahead, so I should probably jump into the shower. I already paid bills, I have to get my oil changed this morning, I want to get lunch at Sushiya, I want to finish my Legal Issues training book and start my other one, and I would like to maybe do a bit of shopping.
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Apparently Hestia got bored and decided to have a way with me today. I actually accomplished doing dishes, going grocery shopping, and now I'm just finishing up dinner (with a small handful of modifications...acorn squash just sounded amazing to me today when I went shopping), and will be enjoying a nice glass of light red wine with it (pinot for the richness of the squash, but light enough for the fruit and sweet). Too bad Dan's sick and asleep and can't enjoy it with me.

Wow...really...I never cook. Apparently twelve hour days cooking at work make me want to cook on my days off? Strange. no mushrooms, no apricot because I didn't want to buy something I wouldn't eat later, added more cider than it said to and added brown sugar when I combined everything, plus added a bit to the tops before baking. It actually could probably have used a splash of cider in each half (or drizzled over the toppings before baking) and a layer of brown sugar inside the half before filling. It's not bad, but I think I prefer regular old acorn squash with lots of butter and salt and pepper.
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On the plus side, Dan is home early, so I can run more errands. On the down side, he's terribly sick with probably some norovirus thing (though he's not throwing up yet, knock on wood)--and I'm feeling nauseous by association. Some norovirus strain has been rampaging west Michigan for a little while now, actually. A lot of people assume it's "just the stomach flu" or "food poisoning" and don't really get how serious it is. Only bleach kills it, it can live up to three weeks on objects like doorknobs and switches and other things that don't get religiously washed, you can still pass it on for up to three days after your symptoms are gone, and it has shut down a small handful of restaurants for thorough cleaning after one sick employee ended up affecting literally hundreds of people each in the midwest over the past year. I don't worry too terribly much because I'm rather obsessive about washing my hands, actually. Habit from working in restaurants for four years...but I know people who work in restaurants and really don't do it like they should. hmph.

Also, as our MP emailed the home office when asking if we could do some sort of benefit...our fire chief's house burned down. Look up "irony" in the dictionary.

*laughs* I actually did just look it up for the hell of it and found this:
"consisting of, containing, or resembling iron"

I never would have imagined that I could use "That metal is so irony" and be correct.

I obviously didn't get enough sleep last night :-P
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This just made my day from hell wonderful.

Not so much a day from hell, but when your kitchen manager passes out and gets carted away in an ambulance at roughly six-thirty in the morning and you're the closest thing to a manager left to create the prep lists (when you've never even worked in a kitchen before and you've seen her do it all of about twice, especially) and open the makes for an interesting day--and you know that wasn't the only thing that went wrong today that involved me. The past two weeks, in fact, have been terribly crazy and surreal. Next, a chunk of the moon is going to crash into the middle of our restaurant...and you think I'm joking. Just you wait and see...
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Tomorrow starts my MIT...eee! I'm extremely excited and extremely scared, but very interested in learning--so I think I'll be okay.

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So tired. Two terribly long days, and both ended in filling out paperwork (W-2, 401K, health insurance, I-9...). It was really nice to get back to the Lansing store, though. We had a special meeting for all the Front-of-House trainers in Michigan there. All of the managers/their full-time admin seemed to know I was MIT already, and all of them wanted me to come to Lansing when I'm

So, I had my orientation last night and officially start my training on the second. I'm terrified and excited, and I'm about to spend a month in the kitchen--I've never worked Back-of-House in my life.

The next two months are going to be a wild, wild ride.

Off to finish filling out my forms so I can send them to Dan (our JVP) tomorrow :-P


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