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...and because I really can't decide what to cut, it's rather long...

'It is truly not beyond her capacities to - to take an overdose and leave a letter accusing you - or me - of horrors, of insensitivity, of persecution -'

'Vengefulness can be seen for what it is. Spite and malice can be seen for what they are.'

'You have a robust confidence in human nature. And you simplify. The despair is as real as the spite. They are part of each other.'

'They are failures of imagination.'

'Of course,' says Gerda Himmelblau. 'Of course they are. Anyone who could imagine the terror - the pain - of those who survive a suicide - against whom a suicide is
committed - could not carry it through.'

Her voice has changed. She knows it has. Perry Diss does not speak but looks at her, frowning slightly. Gerda Himmelblau, driven by some pact she made long ago with accuracy, with truthfulness, says,

'Of course, when one is at that point, imagining others becomes unimaginable. Everything seems clear, and simple, and
single; there is only one possible thing to be done -'

Perry Diss says,

'That is true. You look around you and everything is bleached, and clear, as you say. You are in a white box, a white room, with no doors or windows. You are looking through clear water with no movement - perhaps it is more like being inside ice, inside the white room. There is only one thing possible. It is all perfectly clear and simple and plain. As you say.'

--A.S. Byatt, The Matisse Stories, "The Chinese Lobster"
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This one's for all my prescription-medicated friends. Dan was on a website list of "top music videos of 2006" and I overheard this playing and had to watch. I love the lyrics, I love the sound and the video is wonderfully disconnected and creepy.

Emily Haines, "Doctor Blind"

This was the description/review of it on the site...

Improbably, two directors set videos in shuttered department stores this year. First was Michel Gondry's wide-eyed Macy's-comes-alive holiday piece for Kanye West's "Heard 'Em Say", which, in addition to sharing an uncomfortable amount of unacknowledged similarities with special FX godfather Mike Jittlov's 1974 short Swing Shift, ultimately suffered the indignity of being shelved by West in favor of a hastily-commissioned ink-and-paper reading from Bill Plympton. Second up was this, Jaron Albertin's frigid clip for Emily Haines, which uses the chilly grey atmospheres of a discount department store as a metaphor for the after hours disconnect that comes as a consequence of every little blue pill. Coldly rendered, and imbued with some beautifully narcotized movements, "Doctor Blind" looks and feels absolutely pristine. That it also happens to boast one of the year's best pure concepts is testament to Albertin's talent.

P.S. I hate the new update screen.

P.P.S. I never understood why people wrote "PSS" for a second Postscript and PSSS for a third. I always figured it would be PPS for "post-postscript." Enlighten me, please, or assure me that it's perfectly fine that it's one of my biggest pet peeves.
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I'm sleepy. And hungry. And Anna has a new home now, that I just have to clean out and set up. That obviously won't be getting done tonight.

Hitting another down. I feel like a rollercoaster with how frequent the ups and downs have been happening lately :-P
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hmm...Apparently I need to do homework at some point before class tonight :-P

I would much rather continue reading Something Positive archives and upload more pictures of Anna Livia from the past monthish to post...if I can find my camera charger.

And could somebody bat me out of these mood swings? Please? Oh well...hopefully soon enough I'll be on a new health insurance plan and be able to go back on anti-depressants.

Edit: So I've found the charger, but now the USB cord to connect my camera to my computer has gone *poof*...


May. 16th, 2005 05:20 pm
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[ profile] hearthstone made a comment in her journal about Garbage's latest album (Bleed Like Me) and the Parental Advisory label on it. I've used Garbage before for various projects (she's got some great messages in a lot of her songs) so I had a clue as to why it might have one, but it prompted me to go look at the lyrics, and there are some really great ones. I thought a few of you (any of us that have dealt with any sort of serious mental disorders, particularly) might really find something interesting in it...especially the title song. I think I may post these in [ profile] dnward_spiral, too:

Bleed Like Me lyrics... )


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