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New home :-D

LOTS of photos below! )

And now to get ready for a 13-hour day at work...yay! :-P


May. 27th, 2008 01:54 pm
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I have a few minutes so I thought I'd update a touch. A few nights ago [ profile] peazgrl1545 and I went to SushiYa for a few drinks and a late night snack. For those of you not aware, when you go to SushiYa for drinks and a snack...there is never a dull moment. Dan almost hates going there anymore because it's pretty much guaranteed that he will be hating himself in the morning. There was the time when Dan and I went and it was foggy, it was really late, and some random guy was under the pavilion across the street playing a flute. I believe this was also the same night we saw what Japanese karaoke looks like. Last time Julie and I went we ended up chatting for over an hour with another industry guy from the Radisson who just moved to town from Naperville, Illinois. This time, an old roommate of a friend of some of my old friends (Travis' old roommate, Dray, for the couple of you who may know who I'm talking about) was there. He bartended there for a short while, and he was there this time absolutely obliterated. We spent probably about an hour betting drinks (kinda) over bar tricks.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love that place? And now I'm off to pick up Dan's meds, get some lunch, and do lots of interviews at work!
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Sushiya = way way yummy. Too bad Dan's not really into sushi :-(


Dec. 27th, 2006 02:45 pm
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Dan and I are going here to celebrate five years on Saturday :-D

I'm so excited. I made the reservations last week.
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*pouts* I wish I had money like this. Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra benefit: NYE Venetian Masquerade Ball. Tables of eight only $1600 ;-) Right now I'm searching for the Radisson's annual NYE gala (tickets may very well not be on sale yet) because Dan will finally be 21, and it's going to be our five-year. I have to work at seven the following morning, but I'll survive--I've been planning on doing the Radisson NYE gala this year since I first learned about it a few years ago.

Last night was absolutely amazing. The weather was perfect (so long as you had a sweater or a jacket), and Dan and I walked downtown (I love how close our apartment is to downtown) and wandered through random stores that seemed to be hosting artists for the October Art Hop. We had appetizers and wine, and we ended up at Bimbo's Pizza (somehow I've been here six years and last night was my first time there) which was really fantastic (though we found out right about when we were finishing up that they don't take credit/debit, so I had to walk down to the National City ATM a few blocks away).

On our way walking back to the apartment I couldn't believe how absolutely picture-perfect the evening was. Walking arm in arm with Dan, a pretty sunset, perfect and crisp fall weather, gorgeously-colored leaves on the trees, and a bustling evening downtown. It really seemed straight out of a movie. I don't think I've ever felt like I've lived in a city quite like I felt it last night. It's how I feel every time I walk around a bigger city, only I knew exactly where I was going and exactly where everything was. It was really a piece of metropolitan-chic in the midwest. Evenings like last night really highlight why I want to live in more metropolitan cities. I love downtowns, I love walking, I love a huge variety of restaurants and museums and stores and other activities, and I wish I got more of it here than I do.

And now, speaking of restaurants...I need to make myself some breakfast. And I need an appropriate city icon for when I go on my "I love downtown Kalamazoo" kicks *grin* Though this icon works with what I'm listening


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