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One of my good friends, Will, did this for a film class. A short PSA regarding plastic bag pollution. Absolutely hysterical.

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I am so happy right now. Three days off in a row! And I don't even have to leave Kalamazoo! Admittedly, they'll be very busy days off, but days off nonetheless. So far today I've done some laundry (still lots to do, as I'll be out of town for two weeks, but still), washed dishes, finished my leftovers from Hunan Garden, spent way too much time getting wrapped up in a silly silly show on called "Quarterlife" just because the subject matter of the title appeals so greatly to me (it's by the creators of thirtysomething, I believe--I remember my mom used to watch thirtysomething when I was young), and I have yet to clean the bathroom, do more laundry, go out and find knee-highs (I want nylons with the seam in the back, damnit!) and high heels for my dress, and I need a special-events purse for it, too, and perhaps a wrap if I can find a nice and reasonably priced one for tomorrow night. Today is our anniversary (six years, damn), and I'm not sure what we're doing tonight. Probably just a typical night out. hehe...Last night we were out to dinner and he said, "I was going to have some flowers delivered to you, but I found out you have to do it a little bit more in advance and nobody delivers on Sundays." *laughs* I thought it was especially cute given that he's gotten me flowers exactly once in the past six years.

Anyway, watching that silly silly show has gotten me thinking about the whole idea of the quarter-life crisis and those studies saying people in their early twenties these days don't find themselves as "grown-up" or "adult" or independent as people did a generation or so ago. Many people our age (because most of you on here are around my age, as a large group of you are people I know irl from school and various other things) are still living with parents, and/or still in school (even if it's for second degrees or Masters or PhDs), or still reliant on parents in some form or another, get the idea. So many of us who are any of those things feel so inadequate about where we currently are and how we should be further along in our lives by now, and the people doing these studies are trying to put forward the idea that it's not such a bad thing, it's just that our generation has forced us to be different. It's far more difficult to find the funds to buy a house or start a family or go to school or just get out of that place we're all trying to get out of, and more people are dealing with it.

It really bothers me to see so many people I know who have achieved great things so far feel so inadequate about where their lives are right now. Some people are meant to settle down and have children right out of high school, some people were meant to travel the world first and find true love later, some people were meant to go to school and stay there, some were meant to find careers and build from there--just because you haven't travelled the world and found your soul mate and had two point whatever-the-number-is-now children and bought a house and established yourself in your dream career and everything else that people think equates to success by the time you're in your mid-twenties doesn't mean you're deficient, it just means that wasn't the path meant for you. So many of my friends are so enviable for their lives in their own individual ways, and I think too few people see that. So, as an end-of-year wrap-up, I would like to commend my nearest and dearest twenty-something friends on what I see as some of their greatest accomplishments to date:

[ profile] clearmind for landing the job with one of his dream companies and moving from Detroit to Kalamazoo to Boston to San Francisco to realize it, and to become involved in something he's been passionate about since the day I met him at WMU.

[ profile] surlenil for quite literally travelling the world. She got a second bachelors this year (partially while living in London, and the rest while living in Grand Rapids, MI), travelled through Europe and other continents, and for taking her life in her own hands and moving to Shanghai in a few days to figure the rest out ;-) Amanda is one of the strongest and bravest women I know.

[ profile] nadjezhda for moving to a new country speaking only a fraction of the language, and carving a life for herself out there, no matter how difficult it may be and seem at times.

[ profile] amneria for not knowing what the hell she was going to do once she finished school and starting herself on a terrifying new path that she's succeeding admirably with.

[ profile] literaryradical for moving to a big, scary new city and immediately making it her own. For overcoming heaps of adversity at every turn, finding the wonderful and succeeding at everything she puts her mind to, and becoming a truly admirable woman--another of the strongest and bravest women I've been lucky enough to meet.

[ profile] penmage for finding real love and landing a job of her dreams and succeeding admirably with it, and for never once losing herself to any of it.

[ profile] yellowest_finch for taking life into her own hands, breaking off something that was ultimately so unhealthy, and landing a dream job in the career she's chosen.

[ profile] theactorman for travelling the country and doing a job he loves, and for finding a piece of himself in those towns he's lived--and making damn good money for it, too (speaking of you, I haven't heard from you in a while--hope all is going well!).

[ profile] vox_diabolica for succeeding so well in a job he started out despising, for landing what promises to be a wonderful opportunity, for finding himself someone who seems to complete him and round him out so well, and for having the bravery to accept this opportunity so far away from the woman he loves while she pursues what is also an amazing opportunity of her own. Best of luck and wishes to you both.

[ profile] chasmine17 for being the poster-woman and landing pretty much all of those things that I mentioned above ;-) All my best wishes and luck for the rest of it, Dana.

And, of course, I have to mention myself. I've grown in ways I never dreamed, I'm doing things I never dreamed, and I'm so happy for all of it. I've started a budding career in one of the fields I adore, I've found a love I adore, and that's enough for right now. Once I can settle down in one place for more than a handful of months I'll start working on some of the other things ;-) No kids, though. Never. I often joke "No babies in this tummy. Ever." I may be in vast amounts of debt (damn college!), but the other things help even it out a bit. And that should only be temporary anyway.

You all amaze me, and I'm so lucky to know each and every one of you. If you ever fear that your life is lacking, never forget that you have accomplished amazing things and that we're still so young and there is still so much life to experience...don't rush it all into a handful of years! Enjoy and savor every moment as it comes. The rest will follow in due course. Each and every one of you have done things that so many other people in this world will never do in their own lives. Never doubt how amazing you are for one second. Even if you're not on this list, if you're my friend, you are a phenomenal person who has done amazing things and/or overcome ridiculous and amazing obstacles. My friends are not run-of-the-mill in the slightest--not one of you ;-)
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I never posted pictures from when Melissa and Will came to visit me. I very much love Melissa and Will.

We're just too cute together ;-)

And a last, more recent, one of me:

Also, movie I made this icon from? Gorgeous and bizarre. The new(est) Steven Shainberg film, FUR: an imaginary portrait of Diane Arbus. If you like Secretary, SEE. IT. Nicole Kidman and Robert Downey Jr. and Erin Cressida Wilson script and Steven Shainberg direction. See. It.
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I really meant to update about work this "weekend," but now it's time for bed (I have to be up in less than six hours), and I really wanted to post the photos from yesterday...

This is my favorite one of Melissa, even though it's a bit blurry:

More Melissa, Will and Me )

Not sure which I like better...
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Because I swear that half my f'list has one of these counters...

Crush this person!
Get your own CrushTag!

Got to see [ profile] amneria with [ profile] madbillyblack yesterday! This weather can't pick anything, and yesterday it was terrible and snowy and so freaking cold. Will and I spun out on 31 at about 12:45am on our way home. Thankfully, there were no cars in the road. I love how incidents like this don't even affect me. I'm just kind of "hm...okay." about it all. (now this will prove if Dan even bothers reading my LJ I haven't said anything to him about it yet)

Also, the JVP emailed me. He'll be in town next M-W. He said we'll "talk about the plan in detail" then. One week and I know what's going to become of me. Three weeks and I'll be done with my training. I'm scared and excited.

Okay...I have a very busy day ahead, so I should probably jump into the shower. I already paid bills, I have to get my oil changed this morning, I want to get lunch at Sushiya, I want to finish my Legal Issues training book and start my other one, and I would like to maybe do a bit of shopping.
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Some random things, all revolving around the talent that surrounds Dan and myself.

First of all, a very lovely painting based on me done by a good friend of mine, [ profile] surlenil:

Next, a wonderful book that Dan brought home that a friend of his from work made from a hardcover copy of As You Like It. Some of you may remember me talking about the Tim Rollins and K.O.S. exhibit at the Kalamazoo Institute of Art a couple of years ago. Tim Rollins takes literature and, quite literally, creates art with it by using the pages of the literature themselves as the canvas, and the contents of the book as subject matter for the piece. Some of his stuff is absolutely amazing, and a couple of my favorites were White Alice and Black Alice, and the one from Huck Finn. You can find a lot of work by him if you Google Image his name. Anyway, this rather reminds me of it, and any of you who know how much I adore the story of Echo and Narcissus will really understand how much Dan bringing this home to me meant...

The entire book... )

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